When a tech giant (the reason why many of us have jobs ) redesigns its logo (one that we see every single day), expect everyone to have something to say. At this point it seems like the positive and negative commentaries are split in half, which, no matter how you look at, is a good thing for Google.

It only means that people care.

It only means that the change affected us.

Me? I personally like it. When I first noticed the new logo on my browser, I thought it was just another Google doodle. I immediately google-d to confirm what I was seeing, and there it was. The official announcement.

And then I saw it up close and I was like, “Finally!”

After all, big tech companies have re-branded in recent years to meet their markets’ current demands and expectations, and I wondered why Google had kept its serif type for as long as it could.

IMO, the new logo is modern and approachable and mobile responsive and true to everything that Google preaches, even though others would argue that it killed the credibility and authority of the brand. While it’s easy to be sentimental about the good ol’ logo, the fact is, the web has changed and the way we use the web has changed also, and therefore Google as a brand is adapting to this change.

Here are some interesting reads about Google’s redesign:

1. Why You Hate Google’s Logo. This writer talks about everything she dislikes about the new logo, and ends by making an appeal to bring back the serif. Interesting read. Although I’m pretty sure Google is NOT doing a GAP on this one.

2. New Google Logo: 5 Reasons the Change Makes Sense. This writer admits it wasn’t love at first sight, but as days went by he started to see why the new logo makes sense.

3. Google Evolution Video. This makes me sentimental a little bit. Sniff.

4. Six Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Google’s Reboot. There’s just so much more to a logo than meets the eye.

5. I didn’t see it this way, but the new Google logo does look like a..

6. Does Alphabet’s Website Hint at All-New Google Logo Design? As a matter of fact, as early as August when Google announced its new parent company Alphabet, someone happened to have predicted this redesign and he, was right. Spot on, sir!

So how do you feel about the new logo? 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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