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The Cost of Social Media Advertising in the Philippines

Is it worth advertising on social media platforms in the Philippines? Find out how much platforms like Facebook, X, and YouTube cost and how to make the most of your ad spend.

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in the Philippines?  

Navigating Facebook ad costs? We’ve achieved remarkable results in the Philippines through precision targeting, impactful...

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The Art of Social Media Branding: How to Nail Your Brand Voice

You need consistency across platforms for effective social media branding. Discover how to nail your brand voice here.

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How to Create Branded Content for Your Business: A 5-Step Guide

In the 1980s, telecommunication company AT&T ran an ad campaign with the slogan “Reach out...

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Marketing to Gen Z in the Philippines

Navigating the Gen Z Marketing Landscape? Skip the guesswork and consult with our marketing experts...

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Social Media Best Practices: How to Set Up Brand Profiles Effectively

Social media is where the competition is, so you need to set up your profiles for maximum brand visibility. Read about social media best practices here.

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Viral Marketing Techniques to Get People Talking About Your Brand

Learn how to boost your brand's visibility and engage with your target audience. Read on to discover the secrets of successful viral marketing!

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6 Reasons to Use Facebook Reels to Market Your Brand

Facebook Reels provide marketers with a new avenue to reach their target audience online. Read here to find out how to market your brand effectively with Reels.

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How to Monetize TikTok

Ready to Supercharge Your TikTok Earnings? Discover how Spiralytics can help you monetize your TikTok...

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Social Media in the Philippines 2023: Facts, Statistics, History & Trends

Ready to Master Social Media in the Philippines? Spiralytics offers effective tools and strategies to...

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11 Statistics Proving that Micro-influencers are Better

Influencers have become integral to modern marketing, with more consumers valuing their opinions. Learn why micro-influencers are better in certain situations.

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10 Examples of Social Proof Being Used to Engage Website Visitors

You’re passing by two coffee shops and start craving a cup of joe.  The odds...

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5 Tips for Using Social Media in Government

Social media is increasingly becoming a necessity in everyday life. Almost every industry and sector...

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6 Ways to Market Your Live Social Video Event to Capture More Leads

With thousands of online events taking place every day, marketing your upcoming live stream is...