Social Media Marketing

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TikTok vs Reels – How Do They Compare

The world of social media is in a constant state of flux, with new and...

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Meme Marketing: Benefits of Using Memes to Promote Your Brand

A mix of social media and humor has brought in a new type of marketing strategy. Here’s how meme lords are taking over the social media marketing scene.

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What Vine Did Wrong and Why Is TikTok Doing It Better?

From dance challenges to simple recipes, pop culture references, and even down to medical tips,...

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Using Social Media Marketing to Appeal to Younger Generations

The world of business today is truly borderless. No longer are you bound by the...

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Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Guide for Businesses

With the continued growth of social media, brands should learn to utilize marketing using this channel. Learn more about social media marketing through this guide.

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A Guide to Instagram Linktree for Directing Traffic to Your Website

With its emphasis on visuals and short, digestible videos, it’s hard not to see why marketers have seen the potential of Instagram to tell new stories about their brands. But, more importantly, the social network’s one billion strong monthly active users are too large an audience for marketers not to tap.

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4 Tried-Tested Ways to Receive More Customer Feedback on Instagram

Many brands today are relying on Instagram to receive higher traction and feedback from customers. Here's how to get started.

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Social Selling Guide: How to Generate Sales on Social Media

Say goodbye to cold calling and hello to social selling. Here's everything you need to know about this powerful and personal approach to sales.

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Using Social Media to Lift Spirits During a Global Crisis

This article is about controlling the media you consume, so you can help yourself and others deal with stressful situations.

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Track Trends and Outpace Competitors with Social Media Listening

As of 2020, the world’s internet population numbers at 4.54 billion people, representing a 7.0%...

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Psychology You Need to Know to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

  One of the things that can confuse a lot of marketers is the rate...

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Facebook Ads Misconceptions You Should Correct Now

  Due to its low cost and advanced targeting, many businesses try Facebook advertising to...

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Why You Should Evaluate Your Facebook Content Strategy

  Facebook, if used correctly, can help you grow your business exponentially. Strategizing your Facebook...

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Quick Guide: How to Leverage Facebook to Market Your Business

Facebook has evolved so much since it launched in 2004. Many of us are witnesses...