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4 Tried-Tested Ways to Receive More Customer Feedback on Instagram

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Customer feedback – positive or negative can impact your brand performance in many ways. Instagram is one of the most popular and successful social media platforms today, and it offers a whopping customer base of 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Considering this, many brands today are relying on Instagram to receive higher traction and feedback from customers. 

Several brands are also leveraging their Instagram presence to gather customer feedback that is integral to the company’s marketing and success. Indeed, Instagram can be instrumental in gleaning crucial customer insights. When used in tandem with CRM platforms like SuperOffice, you can seamlessly manage your customer feedback and relationships.

 Here are a few impactful ways to do it the right way:

#1 Use the tools in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become an indispensable part of the experience provided by brands, especially with the influx of numerous tools and features that get updated frequently. Stories can be a great way to balance the interactions with your customers while gathering their inputs. There are many tools such as Questions, Polls, and Quiz that you can use to your benefit.

For instance, the Questions sticker has become a great way to invite suggestions and inputs from your customers. On top of that, it can work wonders in increasing customer interest and engagement with your content. Additionally, the Polls feature can also be an indispensable tool for encouraging feedback. You can pull critical insights from the responses that can help you understand the preferences of your customers.

#2 Keep the Comment Section Interactive

Never underestimate the engagement and use that you can get out of the comment sections of your posts. While it was one of the first features offered by Instagram, it still remains one of the proven ways to gain visibility and engage your audience.

Good content can spark discussions, making your comments section a gold mine for customer feedback. With that in mind, asking questions in the caption of your posts can be a great way to initiate conversations with your customers and to extract insights. 

It can be as simple as asking your customers to name their favorite products or what products they wish you offer. You can use this method to generate some great insights for your brand and make customers feel like they are a part of the decision-making process. 

#3 Get Influencers to do the asking and talking

Are you worried that you do not have enough social media influence yet to drive two-way communication with your customers? Don’t let that stop you from inviting them to give feedback through a feedback button.

Find an influencer that appeals to your target audience and aligns with your brand personality. Enlisting an influencer also opens up your brand to new audiences who can provide more feedback on your products and services.

Customers can feel more comfortable sharing their experience and feedback with an influencer they have been following for a long time. You must ensure that the influencer you choose is also a target customer for your brand so that their views are received well and more organically. Influencers can also motivate their followers to try out new products from your brand, thus improving their visibility and reach within the customer base.

#4 Provide Customer Support and Service

More and more brands today are providing support and service to their customers through social media platforms. Did you know that 54% of customers are likely to choose social media over other platforms such as calls or emails? Providing superior customer support through a popular social media platform like Instagram can significantly influence your churn rate and incite higher loyalty among your customer base. It is fairly easy to initiate this process. 

You need to let your customers know that you would be addressing issues and questions in your direct messages while actively solving queries within the comments on the brand posts. You need to ensure that your customers get real-time responses and solutions to their problems. Doing this will encourage your customers to approach you on the platform related to the queries and it may even boost your engagement levels. Win-win. 

Closing Remarks

It is undeniable that social media can impact the overall performance of businesses in many ways. One of those ways is by providing a platform wherein conversations and feedback can be exchanged between brands and their customers.

A platform like Instagram, which is only growing in terms of its user base and popularity, also provides several ways to boost your brand’s customer engagement. Keep the tips above in mind to ensure that you leverage customer feedback more effectively.

Looking to turn customer feedback into a powerful tool for your Instagram strategy? Look no further than Spiralytics. Our social media experts can help you harness the potential of customer reviews and feedback to boost sales, drive traffic, increase engagement, and elevate your brand’s awareness on one of the most influential platforms today. Contact us to learn more!

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