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Storytelling Marketing: Definition, Elements, and Examples

Promoting your products is more than just direct pitches. Read on for the importance of storytelling in marketing and how to implement it for your brand.

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Becoming & Hiring a Content Writer in the Philippines

Poor content quality, limited creativity, and lack of keyword optimization… are these issues your brand...

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Marketing to Gen Z in the Philippines

Navigating the Gen Z Marketing Landscape? Skip the guesswork and consult with our marketing experts...

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Most In-Demand Products in the Philippines (And Tips to Market Them)

Master the Art of Selling! We can help you create effective marketing campaigns that drive...

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What is a Pillar Page and How Do You Create One for Your Blog?

Pillar pages help your website rank for difficult keywords and increase its topical authoritativeness. Learn how to create a pillar page for your blog here.

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Gender Marketing: Should Marketers Shape or Shatter Stereotypes?

For years, the world has commonly operated ads based on gender-tailored stereotypes. Women are often...

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How Website Heatmaps Make a Killer Content Marketing Campaign

Even the most optimized content might not deliver the results you want. Find out how you can use website heatmaps to make a killer content marketing campaign.

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Responsible Marketing: Why It Matters to Be Aware

Consumers nowadays prefer brands that support responsible marketing. Check out this post to learn about this strategy and how to be a social champion.

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Conversational Marketing: How Does It Elevate Your SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of your marketing. It boosts your online...

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An Intro to the Webtoon Marketing Industry

Learn all about webtoons as one of the world’s leading forms of content and how you can use them for your company’s marketing strategies.

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Skip Ads? How Ad Length and Ad Skipping Affect Advertisers

Since the dawn of television and the eventual shift to online platforms like YouTube, commercials,...

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Blogs (7 Tricks)

We, people, are visual creatures. Give us the info, and we’ll remember only 10% of...

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Can You Trust AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools are becoming more popular with many businesses using them. The article discusses its pros and cons and compares it to human writers.

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How AI Will Shape Content Marketing Going Forward

When we talk about content creation and content marketing, there’s a common notion attached to...