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Whether you’re a novice or pro digital marketer, the demands of the job and industry as a whole are enough to make you feel a little overwhelmed. You need exceptional abilities to manage the whole nine yards in your clients’ digital campaigns, and the need to deliver outstanding results is part and parcel.

The great news is that with the right resources to learn from, you can build marketing campaigns with much more ease and efficiency. Comprehensive discussions, easy-to-follow explanations, real-life examples, up-to-date statistics—find all of these things in our complete eBook lineup written with you, the digital marketer, in mind.

Cash Draining Search Advertising Mistakes Weve Seen in Google Ads - Cover
11 Cash Draining Search Advertising Mistakes We’ve Seen in Google...

Don’t let a single mistake burn your budget. We identified the most dangerous SEM pitfalls we’ve seen in many years of running ad campaigns. Download our FREE eBook now!

365 Days of Social Media Content for SMBs
365 Days of Social Media Content for SMBs

Social media’s rise to prominence made it a vital tool for marketers. Here’s a list of content ideas to incorporate into your social media marketing campaigns.

The 16 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Seen in Display Advertising (and How to Avoid Them)
The 16 Biggest Mistakes We’ve Seen in Display Advertising (and Ho...

Not sure why your display advertising isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for? Learn about 16 display ad mistakes and how to avoid them in this eBook.

Top 10 Mistakes that Prevent Websites from getting Conversions-1
Top 10 Mistakes that Prevent Websites from getting Conversions

With competitors everywhere, it can be difficult to stay on top. Learn these top 10 mistakes that prevent your website from converting and how you can fix them.

How to Build an SEO Strategy from Scratch in Any Industry - Ebook Cover
How to Build an SEO Strategy from Scratch in Any Industry (Beginner...

SEO is essential in any business’s marketing plan. Check out this ebook to learn the foolproof way to develop SEO strategies no matter what industry you’re in.

Why No Ones Reading Your Content-Cover
Why No One’s Reading Your Content (and How to Fix) (keywords,...

Taking the time to build a content marketing strategy is pointless if you aren't getting results. Change how your content performs by using this guide.

How to Allocate Your Digital Marketing Budget - Ebook Cover
How to Allocate Your Marketing Budget in 2023

Digital marketing can only be effective with the right resources. This ebook discusses ways to set a digital marketing budget in 2023 and beyond.

Why Over 50% of Marketing Automation Projects Fail (and How to Do It Right)
Why Over 50% of Marketing Automation Projects Fail (and How to Do I...

Marketing automation packs a punch as a money-making tool. The question is: Are you doing it right?

ebook cover for generating leads
Generating Leads with Facebook: A Guide for Businesses

Facebook has 2.2 billion active monthly users—and counting. That’s a whole lot of potential for generating qualified leads. Let this eBook show you how!

In this Facebook guide for businesses, we’ll help you strategize with tips and techniques straight from our playbooks. We also let you in on the best practices for improving your lead gen campaigns, starting with a review of your performance metrics.

ebook cover for the big book
The Big Book of Measuring and Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Every brand that uses Facebook ads knows that it can be a pretty competitive channel. You need to consistently stand out to beat the rest, and the way to do it is to create ad campaigns that are properly optimized for social media audiences.

In this eBook, we share useful tips on how to create compelling ads on Facebook, plus how to track metrics that go beyond likes and shares.

ebook cover for smarter email
Smarter Email Marketing

Email generates one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel. As long as you do it right, email marketing has the power to help you reach consumers in a cost-effective and results-driven manner.

After reading this eBook, you’ll be growing your contact list and sending smart emails with higher open and click-through rates in no time!

ebook cover for B2B Guide to Evaluating
B2B Guide to Evaluating and Improving Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook marketing is on the rise in the B2B industry, which makes it necessary that you review how well you’re using this platform to grow your brand on social.

This eBook lets you do just that as it teaches you how to track your quantitative and qualitative data, and organize it into a report to share with your social media team. Of course, you’ll learn about creating engaging posts, too!