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We hear the following from our customers before they work with us:

Spiralytics can help you improve every aspect of your lead generation, collaborating in a way that builds on your effort to date, optimizes your time investment, and maximizes results

Our Approach

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The Lead Generation

Optimization Path

There are literally 1000s of ways to bring new customers to your business. If you don’t look at the whole picture, you are likely missing out on a massive opportunity to generate fresh leads and grow your business!

So, what's the answer?

Over the past decade, Spiralytics has developed a simple 5-step method to getting results without burning your hard-earned cash:

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Focus on your HERO customer

Look back over the past several years and ask yourself:

There are likely only a handful of these gems. Write them down. These are the people you are focusing on. Every marketing message, every Facebook ad, every blog post will be written with them in mind, speaking their language, and working hard to make sure the next HERO walks through your door.

Is your HERO ready to buy?

You absolutely need to understand if your HERO is in buying mode or not. This is critical because how you speak to this person changes depending on the following:

Marketing to the 1%

Of your total target market, these are the people actively shopping for options to solve their problems. The solution is your products and services. They are looking at your business, comparing it to competitors, looking at alternative solutions.

The approach at this stage is largely search, both PPC (Search Ads) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You also need an aggressive Remarketing campaign to keep your brand in front of them as they are in decision-making mode. Aggressive, but intelligent and strategic so as to not annoy them.

Imagine it this way: You are looking to hire a company to handle some process or project for your business, and you know you don’t want to hire that discipline. What do you do? You start gathering a list of potential companies that fit your criteria. It is easy for that list to grow very large. Remarketing is a way to force your way into that list and make sure they hear you.

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How to get to those "Researching"

Your next HERO is working hard to solve their problem. However, they aren’t quite sure they need to hire a company to solve it yet. Worse, they might be thinking of a totally different way to solve it, such as learning a new skill themselves! Wait! You are the expert. This is where your blog comes to the rescue. When you start creating content that helps your future HERO solve specific problems, several things happen:

The beauty of grabbing people at this stage is that they are not yet talking to your competitors!

They haven’t yet built a list of companies to request a proposal. They might never…Now is the time! Your best weapon at this stage is to create the best answer on the internet for every little problem your future HERO might need to solve. Not only is this content great for lead generation, but helpful content earns links from other blogs on the internet, improving your SEO traffic across all pages! Oh, and remember that little remarketing ad we created for the 1%? We can do the same thing for readers of your blog to keep them coming back and engaging with your brand.

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How to get in front of those aware, and NOT aware they have a problem?

Most companies experience varying levels of success with targeting the 1%, and a few have figured out the researching step. However, almost NO ONE has figured out this next part. And that is where we find GOLD. This is lead generation magic.

In this step, we first need to build a piece of EXTREMELY helpful content. So helpful in fact, your HERO would be willing to give their email address in order to receive it. This is typically in the form of an eBook, but could also be a video, webinar, training, or other formats.

Let Us Help You Get Leads that Grow Your Business

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We practice what we preach, building awesome social media marketing content to help you improve every aspect of your game. Here are our most recent articles: