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This is our mission, and this is why we have clients that have been with us for 8+ years. When business growth is 100% tied back to Spiralytics’ ideas & optimization, beautiful things happen.

Our Story

What happens when Stanford Engineering meets Empathy? It’s called high-precision continuous-improvement marketing.

I launched Spiralytics in the Philippines in 2013

Jimmy Cassells (Stanford M.S., Rutgers Physics B.S.)

Prior to that, I was working with Cypress Semiconductor in Silicon Valley, and in 2005 they sent me to Manila to help implement Supply Chain and Factory Optimization into their General Trias, Cavite plant. Along the way, I met some MBA’s from the #1 business school who wanted to start an internet company…essentially the “Lending Tree” of the Philippines. Building that company taught me websites, marketing, analytics, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing and Online Lead Generation…all the things that Spiralytics helps its clients with today. As you can imagine, we’ve evolved quite a bit as we’ve grown the team from 3 to 75.

I am still a part of the strategy and launch of every Spiralytics client. When you fill out the contact form. Myself or Nikki will quickly reach out to set a Discovery Call to learn about your business and goals. The team and I will then research your industry, competitors, and present how we think we can help profitably grow your company.


Jimmy Cassells
CEO, Founder
Greg Zagorski
Liam Gillies
Managing Director
Spiralytics UK


Nikki Lojo
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager, 3 years @ Spiralytics
Hello! If you are looking to work with us, my smiling voice will be at the end of the line. From the start, I’ll quickly learn your business and unique advantages. I’ll then show you exactly where to focus to improve. No beating around the bush. We aim to deliver results that exceed client expectations because we consider your business as our business.
Julio Miguel Tuason
Head of Client Success Management
Head of Client Success Management, 4.5 years @ Spiralytics
I’ve been an Account Manager for 8 years, serviced over 150+ clients spanning across multiple industries and geographies. Spiralytics’ Client Success Management team ensures that we understand your business’ ins-and-outs and act as your company’s marketing arm to achieve maximum results.
Rhoda Samson
Senior Client Success Manager
Senior Client Success Manager, 3 years @ Spiralytics
I’ve worked as a Team Lead for a leading BPO company during the first few years of my career, therefore building positive and rewarding client relationships has always been my strength. In 2018, I stumbled into Digital Marketing and it has been one of the most exciting pivots ever as I learn and discover something new with the team every day. At Spiralytics, we help you make the most out of every dollar spent and push your business in the right direction.
Jessa Tek-Ing
Senior Client Success Manager
Senior Client Success Manager, 3 years @ Spiralytics
As a Senior CSM, I lead projects to help people fall in love with brands using the power of data and analytics. Having worked both in Dubai and the Phillippines, building trust with a diverse range of clients and helping their campaigns skyrocket is the beating heart of my career through the years. At Spiralytics, we work hard, we think smart and we treat each other as family. We think big picture strategy and bringing those solutions to life allows our clients to continuously innovate and thrive in this fast-changing world
Josef Gabriel Cardinoza
Head of Web Development
Head of Web Development, 6 years at Spiralytics
My team delivers marketing data to your fingertips in real time to help you and our strategists react quickly and design new ways to find your next customer. We build systems internally to help maintain quality and consistency in delivery. Oh yeah, we also build gorgeous websites!
Justin Joseph Reyes
SEO & Online PR Team Lead
SEO & Online PR Team Lead – 6 years @ Spiralytics
SEO ain’t easy, you need patience and a chill state of mind. When Google rolls out a major algorithm change, you’ll find me buried in the data, or my music, food and games. In Spiralytics we learn and grow quickly. We work efficiently, quickly adapt to change, and focus on data driven, advanced, white-hat SEO and Online PR techniques to deliver results.
Ash Genete
Head of Content Marketing
Head of Content Marketing, 5 years at Spiralytics
I joined Spiralytics in 2015, and since then, the Content Marketing team has never stopped evolving with new strategies and fresh ideas. My team combines creativity with data analysis to produce content that is goal-oriented, well-researched and results-driven — as seen in millions of pageviews and thousands of conversions and links we’ve delivered to our happy clients
Pierre de Braux
Head of Marketing Automation
Head of Marketing Automation, 5 years at Spiralytics
Self-proclaimed citizen of the world. Lived in three continents. Passionate about digital marketing since 2012. We don’t use cookie-cutter marketing techniques. We test, evaluate, and improve strategies that are unique to each brand based on data-backed insights. We don’t just increase engagement and conversions, we create optimized content marketing funnels that drive value for years to come.
Jen Samudio
Design Team Lead
Design Team Lead, 3 years @ Spiralytics
As designers, we ensure exceptional graphics and designs that help brands create lasting first impressions. The Spiralytics Design team aims to strengthen valuable and sustainable brand and customer relationships through effective visual identity.
Theo Mayor Catalo
Head of Display Advertising
Head of Display Advertising, 4 years @ Spiralytics
Spiralytics’ Display Advertising is at the intersection of good design and storytelling, and results-oriented marketing. From concept to implementation, our team always makes sure of one thing: that at the heart of your campaign is a truth worth telling.
Patrick Du
Head of Search Engine Marketing
Head of Search Engine Marketing, 3 Years in Spiralytics
Search Engine Marketing at Spiralytics blends comprehensive research with compelling copy and data-driven optimization to generate results that matter. We are a team of competitive individuals methodical in our approach with an obsession to innovate.
Yesa Aquino
HR and Admin Officer
HR and Admin Officer
The HR team plays a key role in constructing HR processes designed to achieve the organization’s business goals and objectives. At Spiralytics, we focus on nurturing the company’s unique culture to attract the market’s best talents. We practice a flexible and value-driven leadership approach designed to inspire individuals to shape their own paths to success. We grow businesses and we grow with our people.

Our team has worked for (or with) some of the best and brightest companies

While it might sound like an oxymoron

We aim to keep marketing honest—by using performance-based tracking and tuning in every initiative we implement. Analytics is the backbone of how we achieve our results, so we’ve baked our analytics process into everything that we do. If you’re looking for razzle dazzle and snake oil, we know of a hundred other places we can send you. But that’s not Spiralytics.

And, About the Logo. . .

While it might look like a random, swirly-whirly cluster of dots, the pattern is actually quite calculated. The logo follows the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…). The spiral pattern you see has 5 dots curving from the outside towards the middle. What you might have missed is the extended curve of 8 dots going in the other direction.
Similar to marketing, if you have an eye for data, you can uncover the hidden meaning, trends, and positive patterns in the marketplace. Then with the right team and the proper tools, you’re poised to act upon those insights, measure your success and shortcomings, then tune your process, and dial in your campaign. Continuous Improvement.

That’s Performance Marketing.

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Covid-19 Update

Just a small note here about how Spiralytics has adjusted to the global pandemic. We’ve taken steps to ensure that our employees are safe, and business services continue remotely.


Telecommuting isn’t new to Spiralytics. As a benefit, we started a telecommuting program two years ago to alleviate employees from the terrible commuter experience. Days after the first confirmed cases were announced, we encouraged all of our employees to telecommute. One whole week prior to the announcement of lockdown, we made it mandatory. Not only was this best thing to protect our employees, their families and communities, but our transition into 100% WFH was relatively seamless. We were very fortunate and plan to leverage this advantage even after quarantine is eased.

Virtual meetings

Meetings are now handled virtually. We’ve standardized on Google Hangouts, and they’ve recently opened up their enterprise features to all users until July 1. We’ve also been avoiding Zoom until their security issues are ironed out.

Review of Marketing Strategy

Given the extraordinary circumstances, we’re now focusing on marketing solutions that are intent-based and not obtrusive. We absolutely need to review all messaging as well. Internet usage is at an all-time high, but conversion rates in most non-essential industries are down as people and businesses are withholding expenditures as they await the news and potential outcomes. If you’d like to set up a strategy call with me to discuss what you are seeing, and to brainstorm the right approach for your company for the next few months, please call or email me. I’ve dramatically shifted Spiralytics’ marketing strategy, and the results have been encouraging. All either have a business that is thriving during these times, or are investing to come out strong once the lockdown is lifted.

Marketing Amidst Coronivirus (COVID-19)

The Spiralytics team has compiled all the information around the web for how to handle marketing in these situations. Industry data for sectors that are up & down, changes in ad spend, changes in strategy.

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