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We implement and optimize PPC Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and CRO to increase sales profitably

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Spiralytics has worked with hundreds of eCommerce companies to help grow their business. Our process looks like this:


Complete audit of all past campaigns, results and highlight improvement areas. We work to fully understand your learning journey and not repeat past mistakes. We also benchmark your competitors to uncover their secrets and show what’s working for their business.


Which products and categories should we focus on first? This is especially challenging on a large site as there are many sinkholes where you can invest time and money and with no ROI. We carefully analyze conversion history, search volumes and SEM CPC / SEO difficulty, then work with you to identify strategic and high profit products. With this targeted list, we can stay focused on high ROI areas of your portfolio, then expand out.

Search Advertising

If people are searching for your products, or for the problems that your products solve, this channel can work for you. There are 100 ways to approach it, but based on our experience, we identify the strategies that are most likely to ROI. We carefully set up each strategy in a tightly controlled test, validate engagement and conversion metrics, then once we have established a ROAS (return on ad spend), we expand upon success.

Display Advertising

Visually compelling products, products that are new to the market, and awesome deals tend to do best in Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms. All platforms have great tools to target your audience and convert. Our thought process is the the same here as for Search Ads: Based on our experience, we identify winning platforms and strategies, and roll out carefully controlled tests to validate our ideas. If you already have large campaigns running, we audit the accounts, then propose best practices to improve ROAS, and carefully roll out the improvement tests. All of this is explained to you step by step as we go.


Prioritization is key here as well. We look for categories that convert well, have good search volume, and page 1 isn’t dominated by the large sites. Every eCommerce site has unique “doors of entry” to win with SEO. We we find the right doors, we optimize those pages, and begin the process of building authority. Our primary method is creating highly useful and visual resource on your site, but there are many other ways. To learn more about how we approach SEO, click here to learn about our SEO services.


We build content that converts, and content that builds authority for your SEO campaign. This is a highly engineered process with strong benchmarking prior to proposing topics and executing. Click here to learn more about our content marketing services.


For mature eCommerce sites, email can be 30% or more of your revenue. We help you with strategies to build your list, and then work on create email marketing that is non-obtrusive yet effective at driving sales. Smart segmented strategies are best to earn the highest ROI for each send.


Many clients come to us trying to understand why their campaigns aren’t working, or how to increase the performance of their site. Most often, the problems boil down to one of the following

Speed: If you site or specific pages are slow, conversion drops like a rock. We’ll do a full audit to uncover and fix all technical problems affecting speed and usability.

50+ other various problems preventing sales

Non-standard templates / checkout: If the site is highly customized, including the check out funnel, users can easily get lost. We use UX best practices, heat maps, analytics, user testing and several other methods to uncover problems and fix them.

Comparison Shopping: If you sell products or brands that are also sold on other sites, you are going to have to convince shoppers to buy from you. Often times price wins, but there are ways around this.

What our Clients have to say about our Work

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We have just confirmed Spiralytics for another year of PPC, SEO and Content Marketing strategies – we consider them as an extension of our marketing department allowing us to focus on running our business and handling the leads generated from our website and improving search rankings. We have never had more leads coming in after years of bumbling digital marketing strategies working solo, but now with Spiralytics we are achieving and exceeding targets!

Jamie Booth
Founder and CEO Booth & Partners and Arch Offices

For the past 4 years, Spiralytics' PPC, SEO and Content Marketing strategies have allowed each of our brands to consistently hit our aggressive yearly revenue targets from website leads. In fact, 1 of our brands achieved our 2018 target in March, blowing away expectations

Ernest Valencia
Head of Digital Marketing Ayalaland

Spiralytics has provided an excellent service and I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to build an online presence to increase competitiveness

Danella Yaptinchay
Former Managing Director Full Suite

Spiralytics has helped our new business idea from day 1. They built our website & blog, then launched lead generation campaigns. We've since taken the business from a few clients to over 100 clients and continue to grow each year

RJ Ledesma
Co-Founder Enter PH

Spiralytics has owned our PPC, SEO and Content Strategy for the past 3 years, and we are extremely happy with the results. Very much looking forward to continue to grow the business with them in 2020

Matt Pontoles
Founder and CEO Manila Recruitment

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