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Our track record shows that Spiralytics is continuously improving the performance of the accounts we manage.

We can start from scratch or take over existing campaigns. Here are a few examples of real successes we’ve had recently:

Tripled the return on investment (ROI) in 2 years on the same $2000/day spend for an Asian eCommerce site

Increased PPC revenue by $200,000+ per month for a top UK eCommerce retailer with the same budget

Reached our 2018 target for qualified leads in March for a $3B/year real estate developer

Increased qualified leads by 344% and decreased cost per lead by 55% over 2018 for a Global Management Consulting Group

Is it your first time to try Pay Per Click (PPC)?

We believe every business should intelligently experiment with PPC. Here’s why:

Results are measurable. You can quickly calculate your cost per lead and sale

Fast feedback. Test various platforms and targeting strategies within hours

Inexpensive. Bring a small sample to your site. Measure results. Quickly decide if the approach will work for your business

Well-guided. Search (SEM) Results can guide your SEO Keyword Strategy (and link to our SEO Services Page)

Let us guide you through this process.

We don’t require long contracts to get you started or determine if PPC is right for your business. Our process looks like this:.


Millions of dollars of spend managed across hundreds of clients gives us direction for what will work best for your business


Once we prove our assumptions about platform and targeting, the image and messaging optimization begins


Explain step by step how to grow your business using these techniques

We work with large enterprises and small local businesses

Believe it or not, the process is similar for billion-dollar companies as it is for small businesses. The difference typically is the number of target personas and products. For each, we establish the platforms and targeting that we think will work best and then roll out the tests in sequence starting with those offering the highest probability of success.

We Know E-Commerce

E-Commerce is unique in that a sale happens immediately, and there is a direct feedback loop for ROAS for each platform, targeting and creative. The main difference is the optimisation path – where to start with experimentation – generic keywords, categories, products. We analyze sales history, competition, price variances and then make our proposal and launch. Systematic testing is the key to success.

We live and Breathe B2B Lead Generation

Generating new business leads can be quite tricky as the target market is typically small, there is low search volume, and CPC’s can be quite high. You also have to analyze which leads actually converted into new customers and summarize the channels and/or strategies that produced those leads. Over the years, we have smoothed out this process and seen great results with businesses in all industries. Not sure if online is right for your business? We’ll create a custom proposal and explain our initial experiment ideas to get started.

We are experts in each platform:


Only top tier agencies with in-depth knowledge in Google’s platforms are selected to participate in this elite program. Spiralytics has been a Google Premier partner since 2015.

Google Search

When a future customer searches for your products or services, or the problems your services solve, you need to appear. We follow a quick methodology to find out how your target audience searches for your business online

Google Display Network

We have run hundreds of targeting experiments using these features – it only means that we can quickly determine which strategy is right for your unique needs.

Google Remarketing

We study the online behavior of your website visitors to turn them into profitable customers—even when they’re not yet ready to buy. Through a data-driven remarketing strategy, we subtly send them marketing messages to keep your brand top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Millions of people click on relevant Gmail promotions every day. Imagine if your brand could pop-up right in your prospect’s inbox. It’s inexpensive yet targeted, and we can help you do just that.


Test, report, iterate, optimize. You’ll learn our thought process as you brainstorm with us for new targeting ideas – and evolve together. Combine your customer knowledge with our data-driven insights to become a Facebook marketing powerhouse!


While mainly used for B2B, we have also seen success in B2C with LinkedIn promotions. We have mastered how to leverage the platform to target specific industries, company sizes, and people with certain job titles and roles. We have found over the years that targeted content offers can yield amazing results in the LinkedIn news feed.


Programmatic media buying? Not sure if this is right for your business? Contact us for an assessment. There are hundreds of different platforms to choose from, and which audience you focus on as well as how you target them will vary dramatically depending on your market. Typically, there is a minimum monthly spend requirement, but not always.

Other Platforms

Depending on your business, we might recommend tests on other platforms. Here’s an example: if Google Search is driving profitable leads, Bing will absolutely bring in more leads for you. If you see success in Facebook for your B2C business, Pinterest could also work. We’ll make these suggestions as we learn more about your business and best customers.

Are you Advanced?

Have you been running campaigns for years, but have this sneaking suspicion you could be much more efficient with your spend? With hundreds of successful PPC campaigns to analyze, we rapidly test and drive the knowledge back into our team to share across all of our clients. Experiments in other industries might uncover new tactics that will work for your business. Contact us for a free audit and opportunity assessment of your current campaigns.

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What it’s like to work with Spiralytics

We work to have the first campaigns up and running in the first week. The first automated reports are ready by Day 7 for analysis and improvement.

Automated Reporting

Over the past few years, we’ve built our own reporting platform to update you real-time with the results of each live and historical campaign. You will have access to this platform, and we’ll be updating you with results and analysis. This platform allows you to see:

Spend allocated across platform/tactic

Cost per Conversion by platform/tactic (or ROAS for eCommerce)

Keyword performance – all metrics including impression share, quality score, assisted conversions and more

Creative performance – for each creative, we merge platform metrics with conversion metrics from Google Analytics

What our Clients have to say about our Work

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We have just confirmed Spiralytics for another year of PPC, SEO and Content Marketing strategies – we consider them as an extension of our marketing department allowing us to focus on running our business and handling the leads generated from our website and improving search rankings. We have never had more leads coming in after years of bumbling digital marketing strategies working solo, but now with Spiralytics we are achieving and exceeding targets!

Jamie Booth
Founder and CEO Booth & Partners and Arch Offices

For the past 4 years, Spiralytics' PPC, SEO and Content Marketing strategies have allowed each of our brands to consistently hit our aggressive yearly revenue targets from website leads. In fact, 1 of our brands achieved our 2018 target in March, blowing away expectations

Ernest Valencia
Head of Digital Marketing Ayalaland

Spiralytics has provided an excellent service and I would highly recommend them to any company seeking to build an online presence to increase competitiveness

Danella Yaptinchay
Former Managing Director Full Suite

Spiralytics has helped our new business idea from day 1. They built our website & blog, then launched lead generation campaigns. We've since taken the business from a few clients to over 100 clients and continue to grow each year

RJ Ledesma
Co-Founder Enter PH

Spiralytics has owned our PPC, SEO and Content Strategy for the past 3 years, and we are extremely happy with the results. Very much looking forward to continue to grow the business with them in 2020

Matt Pontoles
Founder and CEO Manila Recruitment

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