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What is Marketing Automation?

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Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management platforms let you easily store, manage, and access customer data to personalize and enrich your marketing campaigns. This makes for a better customer experience, but more importantly, more conversions.
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Email Campaign

Stop sending non-contextual email blasts that annoy your audience. Email automation enables you to build highly targeted email marketing campaigns that engage and nurture leads, not chase them away.

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Lead Management

Automated lead management means you’ll be able to track and empower leads from the top of your marketing funnel, all the way to the bottom of your sales funnel, making growth optimization infinitely simpler.
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Social Media

Managing a packed social media calendar can be extremely overwhelming without the right tools. Social media automation software helps ease that load with post scheduling, social listening, insight gathering, and reporting features, saving endless hours.
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Sales Funnel

Sales funnel optimization is a key driver of growth for most, if not all businesses. With the right automated sales platform, you can empower your sales teams with the right tools to deepen relationships and manage their pipelines more effectively.

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Lead Tracking and

Making important marketing decisions becomes a whole lot easier with the help of clear, hard, evidence. Marketing analytics tools allow you to collect, analyze, and make sense of data to see how people behave on your website, enhancing your decision-making abilities.

What Marketing Automation Isn’t

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Marketing automation is not set-and-forget

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Marketing automation is not a silver bullet

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Marketing automation is not a single tool with a single function

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Marketing automation is not about sending spammy emails

We’ve encountered companies in two phases:


First timers:
You aren’t sure if marketing automation is right for your business, and you aren’t sure where to start.


Got your toes wet:
You purchased a marketing automation tool, installed it, built some content, but don’t know where to go next and aren’t seeing returns.

Does this sound like you?

We understand that modern marketing automation systems can be quite convoluted, especially for those without much usage experience. It can be incredibly time consuming to learn and implement effective automation campaigns, but if you don’t take advantage of it, you could be letting valuable leads slip through the cracks.

Want clear simple guidance on how to make this work?

Get in touch with one of our performance marketing experts to see exactly how we can optimize your automation efforts and grow your sales funnel.

Why Choose Spiralytics?

Our team of marketing automation experts will create a custom strategy that’s tailored to your needs and designed to keep your business growing. We’ll integrate the right suite of performance-driven marketing automation tools to match your existing funnel, focused on nurturing leads from the time they visit, all the way through to the time they’re ready to purchase.

marketing automation funnel

We help you plan, build, manage, and optimize your marketing automation funnel

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Spiralytics is a performance marketing agency with a multidisciplinary team of digital marketers that can make full use of your automation platform

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HubSpot Platinum Partner. HubSpot Certified Agency since 2016

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7+ years of experience growing marketing automation funnels in a range of industries

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Why Invest In

Marketing Automation

Increase Productivity and Scalability icon

Increase productivity and scalability
Replacing manual, repetitive tasks with automated solutions naturally boosts your team’s productivity, efficiency, and scalability while reducing human error and overall costs.

Shorten your Sales Cycle icon

Shorten your sales cycle
Having a defined process and automation rules helps sales teams be more efficient, focusing efforts on the most qualified leads.

Improve the Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience
Marketing automation helps create timely and personalized cross-channel communication that makes your audience feel special at every touchpoint.

Measure Track and Integrate icon

Measure, track, and integrate
Being able to track and monitor your audience means you can continually evaluate and modify your marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly in real-time.

Align Sales and Marketing Efforts

Align sales and marketing efforts
Efficiently streamline sales and marketing efforts, maximizing collaboration and closing the gap between sales and marketing teams.

Getting Started with

Marketing Automation

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Identify your Buyer Personas

Identify your buyer personas
Knowing who your best customers are and what they need helps you develop marketing automation campaigns that are more relevant to potential buyers.

Build Targeted Content to Capture Leads

Build targeted content to capture leads
Build and publish targeted content offers that compels visitors to become a part of your online community.

React Out to Qualified Leads and Close Sales

Reach out to qualified leads and close sales
Empower sales teams with relevant lead data and watch your sales conversion rates shoot through the roof!

Nurture your Leads with Personalized Content

Nurture your leads with personalized content
Provide the right content at the right time based on customer behavior and web analytics data. Personalize marketing campaigns according to your audience’s needs.

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Work with a merketing automation partner
Having the support of the right marketing automation company means you get to focus on running and improving operations. An experienced support team will empower you with a solid mix of technical knowledge and industry-leading best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a long-term strategy for business growth. There’s no concrete answer to confirm how long it takes to work. However, if all your assets are prepared (which can take weeks or months to build), and you are ready to launch, you can expect to see results immediately.

If you have yet to develop your promotional materials, it might take a while. But like any other approach to marketing, it’s a continual process of assessing, refining, and improving your strategies to maximize results.

Marketing automation platforms tend to take the shape of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means they’re recurring subscriptions available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to use the tool. Like with other products or services out there, the price depends on the vendor and subscription plan.

Some platforms come in different plans, with varying features and add-ons, while others offer bundles of their products at a lower price. On average, subscriptions for full marketing automation suites can cost around $1,000 per month and scale up depending on company size and features included.

Marketing automation technologies work for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For large entities, automated solutions can organize your marketing campaigns to ensure you don’t leave any of your contacts behind.

For small businesses, marketing automation lets you maximize your budget and play in the same leagues as bigger organizations. Whether you’re working with a contact list of 300 or 3,000,000, automated processes make it easy, convenient, and efficient to communicate with them across multiple channels.

Different marketing software solutions require different levels of understanding and knowledge about marketing. Some tools are user-friendly and don’t require much knowledge of marketing software. At the same time, some tools might require users to undergo training or refer to resource materials to fully understand the functionality of a tool or software.

The more you know and understand about how marketing automation solutions work and the nature of their features, the more you’ll see the “bigger picture,” which allows you to build more holistic and comprehensive automation funnels that convert more leads.

Marketing automation technology has so much to offer, but in reality, more than half of all marketing automation implementations fail. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the most common involves a lack of top-funnel foundation to support the middle-funnel automation. Lead nurturing can work if you don’t have a steady flow of leads to nurture. You need an established inbound marketing funnel to drive marketing automation success.

Additionally, marketing automation strategies that don’t effectively use data often result in bad marketing automation. You need context about who leads are and what they’re interested in to give prospects a good experience.

Want to learn how we’d approach marketing automation for your business?

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