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We ask the right questions to help you skip the guesswork.

Data and insights that steer you to the right direction to grow your business.

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Digital Marketing is an ever-growing and evolving discipline

which makes it even more confusing to navigate. At some point, all businesses regardless of scale had goals to achieve but they seem far-fetched.
Agencies are always speaking in jargon.
We see the data, but can’t understand it and see how it affects our business.
The team focuses on the wrong strategies and tactics.
There’s little to no collaboration with the people involved.
We’re looking at the wrong KPIs.
There are too many points of contact - directing my concern to the right person is painstakingly long and tedious.
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Spiralytics’ Client Success Management team can help you captain your business and navigate the competitive digital marketing landscape.

We are trained to be data storytellers –
equipped with certifications from the renowned Google and Hubspot. We are passionate about leveraging our abilities in the digital landscape to grow our client’s business.

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We are more than just your account managers.
We are your partners in your journey toward success.

Collaboration and trust - that’s the name of our game!

We’ll be with you right from the start – crafting digital experiences that let you stand out among your competitors.


Day 0

(before actual start)

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Day 1

Launch Call
(learn business deeply + set priorities)

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Day 7

Strategy Call
(initial rollout)


Day 14

(for paid campaigns)

And in this process, you’ll get to meet, collaborate, and team up with one of these awesome people to help stir your business to growth



Passionate about iced coffee. And Digital Marketing.



Jess is your resident badass when it comes to client management. Her secret? She loves the challenge of being told ‘no’ and turning it into a ‘yes’.



Patience is directly proportional to the amount of coffee consumed. Always game for ad tech and digital marketing discussions!



Digital Marketer by day, Video Game Streamer by night



What makes THE perfect Account Manager brew? 2 parts technical knowledge + 2 parts empathy + 1 part time management (add as much coffee as needed!)



Need someone to stay on top of things while your brain kicks in? You'll find Kyra bustling in the office even before you've had your morning coffee.

We are called

Client Success Managers

for a reason.
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We have both the heart and mind to help and guide our clients

while making sure that we achieve the metrics that matter most to you. Our experience in fostering relationships with our hundreds of clients from around the world makes us gritty, resilient, and capable.

We’re a team of passionate individuals

who are committed to driving results for our clients. Our hunger for learning makes us want to continue to improve for our clients and ourselves. We understand the value of our role but we also know the importance of enjoying the ride and having fun doing it.

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Share your journey with us to discover why brands are entrusting their digital marketing with us.

Let’s keep data storytelling simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Success Managers (CSMs) are responsible for helping you grow and captain your business as if they are their own.

Your CSM will clearly communicate and aggregate various tactics to support Digital Marketing strategies while putting forward best practices so you can navigate your digital journey more smoothly. They effectively manage your account, facilitate meetings well, and ensure the quality and alignment of strategies.

Client Success Managers are your business growth partners. We study your business needs, goals, and provide the best strategies and tactics needed to achieve these goals. CSMs are more than just your Account Managers tasked to manage your business – they also build close-knit relationships with their clients and try to find common interests. This allows us to build harmonious relationships and use our deep understanding of your business’ market for healthier collaborations.

You will be assigned a CSM once you onboard. Ideally you will have the same Client Success Manager throughout the engagement. Should there be any changes on our end, we will be sure to let you know of the reason for the switch.

Interaction between client and CSMs are done on a regular basis. Performance reporting is executed weekly (for paid advertising) and monthly (for SEO & social media). Outside our reporting schedules, lines remain open throughout the engagement period by means of email (especially for engagement related concerns) or other preferred communication platforms.

Spiralytics has been built for remote work – we’ve been doing this even before the pandemic.

While our company strives to keep its employees healthy and safe during these times (as we also do for our clients), we pride ourselves in being able to maintain an impeccable level of service despite the non-face-to-face work set up (at least for now). Our standard virtual meeting tool is Google Meet, but we also accommodate Zoom and Microsoft Teams.