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Generation Alpha Characteristics That Marketers Need to Know

Success in the dynamic field of marketing hinges on understanding each generation’s unique characteristics and...

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Marketing to Gen Z in the Philippines

Younger buyers are slowly taking over the market as they attain greater purchasing power. Paying...

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AI Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Grow Your Business

Artificial intelligence is taking the marketing industry by storm. Learn here how AI marketing can improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Marketing has always been about reaching your target audience at the right time and place....

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21 Statistics That Prove Emotional Marketing Works

Emotional marketing focuses on reaching basic human emotions such as anger and joy to get people to act, whether that’s sharing a video or buying a product.

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Gender Marketing: Should Marketers Shape or Shatter Stereotypes?

For years, the world has commonly operated ads based on gender-tailored stereotypes. Women are often...

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Podcast Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Do you want to leverage podcasts to grow your brand? Discover key podcast marketing statistics in this article to help you strategize for 2023.

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Microtargeting in Digital Marketing: What it Is and How it Works

In this day and age, there’s plenty of data available to brands. The world has...

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5 Ways Marketers can Prepare for a Cookieless Future

The death of third-party cookies is on the horizon, threatening personalized marketing techniques. Read this blog to help you prepare for a cookieless future.

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Sustainable Marketing Basics: 5 Strategies for Greener E-Commerce

Sustainable marketing is more than just “going green.” Here are some strategies to help market your e-commerce business to a climate-conscious audience.

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What are Scam Bots, and How Do They Affect Businesses

Have you ever noticed spam comments on social media platforms goods or offers that seem...

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Digital Marketing Courses: Enhance Skills in the Philippines

Digital marketing, especially in the Philippines, is the go-to tool for marketers due to its...

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E-Signature Law: Is Electronic Signature Legal in the Philippines?

With the advent of remote and hybrid work setups and the digitization of most business...

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Skip Ads? How Ad Length and Ad Skipping Affect Advertisers

Since the dawn of television and the eventual shift to online platforms like YouTube, commercials,...