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Most Subscribed YouTube Vloggers in the Philippines (2024)

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In recent years, content creation in the Philippines has undergone a remarkable transformation, with YouTube emerging as the quintessential platform for fame, fortune, and self-expression. What once began as a hobby for many now blossoms into a lucrative career path. It draws not only aspiring influencers but also established celebrities eager to connect with their audience on a more personal level. 

According to recent statistics, more than half (55.6%) of online Filipinos watch vlogs every day, which ranks the Philippines at the top spot as the country with the highest vlog consumption. 

With such an avid audience at hand, it’s no wonder most subscribed YouTube channels in the Philippines have become top entertainment personalities. They captivate millions with their unique blend of authenticity and creativity. We’ve ranked them according to their subscriber count from 2020 to 2024.

Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Vloggers in the Philippines (2024)

When it comes to digital marketing, Filipino YouTubers can be an ace up your sleeve. These influential figures can help your brand attract audiences with their engaging content and charismatic personalities. As of 2024, the Filipino YouTube community boasts a range of vloggers who have amassed substantial subscriber counts—solidifying their positions as leading content creators in the region. 

Here are the top 20 most subscribed YouTube channels in the Philippines for 2024 to help you choose the best one for your brand and reach the right audiences. 

Rank Channel Subscriber Count
1 Raffy Tulfo In Action (@RaffyTulfoInAction)
27.3 M
2 Ivana Alawi (@IvanaAlawi) 17.4M
3 Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero) 15.6M
4 Ranz Kyle (@ranzkyle) 15.2M
5 Zeinab Harake (@ZeinabHarakeVlogs) 14M
6 Alex Gonzaga Official (@AlexGonzagaOfficial) 13.5M
7 Cong TV (@CongTheVlogger) 11.7M
8 Doc Willie Ong (@docwillieong) 9.18M
9 Junell Dominic (@junelldominic) 8.23M
10 Toni Fowler (@MommyToniFowler) 8.18M
11 Vice Ganda (@vicegandaofficial) 7.96M
12 Jelai Andres (@jelaiandres) 7.72M
13 Toni Gonzaga Studio (@ToniGonzagaStudio) 6.92M
14 Panlasang Pinoy (@panlasangpinoy) 6.82M
15 Akosi Dogie (@akosidogie) 6.65M
16 Viy Cortez (viycortez) 6.6M
17 ChooxTV (@ChooxTV) 6.55M
18 Geo Ong (@geoongchannel) 5.84M
19 BITAG OFFICIAL (@bitagbentulfo) 5.81M
20 Agassi Ching (@agassiching) 5.4M

1. Raffy Tulfo In Action (@RaffyTulfoInAction) – 27.3 million subscribers

The top of the list for this year’s most subscribed YouTube channel in the Philippines goes to Raffy Tulfo In Action. Broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo has a prominent YouTube platform known for its hard-hitting investigative journalism and advocacy for social justice. Though this is primarily a media channel, it also publishes remote report segments as vlogs. With a whopping 27.3 million follower count, his YouTube channel is the most influential and widely recognized in the country. 

The channel features a variety of content, including interviews, exposés, confrontations, and resolutions of various issues such as scams, injustices, abuse, and consumer complaints. His approach to tackling sensitive and controversial topics showcases Tulfo’s commitment to public service. As such, many of his audience members come to him seeking justice and accountability.

2. Ivana Alawi (@IvanaAlawi) – 17.4 million subscribers

Ivana Alawi is a well-known name in the country, being an actress, vlogger, and social media influencer. On top of this, she is also a model for bikinis and is the face of JAG Jeans, with advertisements showcasing the JAG Ivana Jeans

She shares her glamorous lifestyle and engaging personality through her YouTube videos. These typically revolve around lifestyle, beauty, and personal experiences. With authentic charm and a down-to-earth demeanor, Alawi inspires her audience to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest.

3. Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero) – 15.6 million subscribers

Next up on the list of most subscribed YouTube channels in the Philippines list is Ranz Kyle’s half-sister, Niana Guerrero. Much like her brother, her YouTube channel features dance videos, challenges, travel, and lifestyle content. She has an infectious energy and charismatic personality that captivates her audience—earning her a dedicated fanbase from around the world.

In 2014, she signed a contract with AwesomnessTV, a YouTube podcast about international celebrities and influencers, making them a sponsor for her videos. Besides being a popular Filipino YouTuber, Guerrero is also a TikTok sensation, with her page gaining 42 million followers

4. Ranz Kyle (@ranzkyle) – 15.2 million subscribers

Former Chicser member Ranz Kyle shows his YouTuber influence through masterful dance skills and entertaining vlogs that feature his family, including his half-sister, YouTube vlogger Niana Guerrero. From travel and food trips to song and dance challenges, his engaging content continues to inspire and entertain audiences. His other socials also gain the attention of many, with his Instagram follower count reaching 5 million.

5. Zeinab Harake (@ZeinabHarakeVlogs) – 14 million subscribers

Zeinab Harake is another highly influential vlogger in the Philippines, with her captivating content centered around lifestyle, beauty, travel, and personal experiences about her family and daughter, Bia. Her authenticity and creativity jump out in every video she creates, evoking laughter and joy from her audience. With over 200 uploaded videos, her channel has gained a total of 766 million views.

6. Alex Gonzaga Official (@AlexGonzagaOfficial) 13.5 million subscribers

Filipino YouTuber and media personality Alex Gonzaga publishes a diverse range of content, including lifestyle, comedy, and entertainment. Gonzaga also creates collab videos with other famous icons in the country doing various challenges and the like.

Her infectious energy, witty humor, and candid storytelling have inspired laughter and joy with every video. As such, it’s no surprise that her videos have gained 1.4 billion total views within just four years of launching her YouTube channel.

7. Cong TV (@CongTheVlogger) – 11.7 million subscribers

Lincoln Velasquez, Cong TV’s real name, is also one of the most popular vloggers in the Philippines—known for his entertaining content, comedic sketches, and engaging vlogs. He started his YouTube career back in 2008 with a parody of the MTV music video of Silent Sanctuary’s song “Rebound.”

Since then, he has created content with various themes, such as comedy skits, pranks, challenges, and collaborations with other popular creators.

8. Doc Willie Ong (@docwillieong) – 9.18 million subscribers 

With his medical expertise, Doc Willing Ong is a Filipino YouTuber who shares informative and educational content focused on health and wellness. He has become one of the most trusted voices in the field of healthcare in the country, especially being a famous health columnist

His YouTube channel offers valuable information on various health topics, delivered in a clear and accessible manner, earning a dedicated following among viewers seeking reliable health advice. Besides having a solid fanbase on YouTube, his Facebook page also has a significant following of 17 million.

9. Junell Dominic (@junelldominic) – 8.23 million subscribers 

Junell Dominic, also called Junewuuu in-game, is a well-known Roblox YouTuber in the Philippines and a TikTok sensation. His content primarily focuses on gaming highlights, re-creations, and original videos that showcase his creativity and talent. 

With that, his YouTube channel now has over 3.1 billion views. Moreover, his endorsements from brands like Vibrant Glamour make him a rising star in the digital landscape.

10. Toni Fowler (@MommyToniFowler) – 8.18 million subscribers

Toni Fowler, popularly known as Mommy Toni Fowler, shares her life as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur through engaging lifestyle content and relatable vlogs. Her authentic portrayal of everyday experiences combined with genuine audience interactions resonates with her viewers, especially mothers and young families. 

Besides YouTube, her Instagram modeling career took off, with her posts garnering an impressive follower count of 5.9 million on the platform. 

11. Vice Ganda (@vicegandaofficial) – 7.96 million subscribers

Known for their witty jokes and comedic hosting skills on the noontime show “It’s Showtime,” Vice Ganda has created a loyal following even before their YouTube career. They are a beloved Filipino entertainer and comedian who showcases their larger-than-life personality through comedy sketches, vlogs, interviews, and performances. 

Vice Ganda continues to delight viewers with their witty humor, earning multiple awards and widespread recognition for their contributions to Philippine entertainment.

12. Jelai Andres (@jelaiandres) – 7.72 million subscribers

Jelai Andres is another Filipino actress and content creator on YouTube. She shares glimpses of her life through lifestyle vlogs and personal experiences. Her content focuses on beauty, fashion, relationships, and family. 

With a substantial subscriber count of 7.72 million, Jelai has amassed a loyal following on YouTube and other social media platforms. Her magnetic personality, creative talent, and engaging storytelling have endeared her to audiences of all ages. 

13. Toni Gonzaga Studio (@ToniGonzagaStudio) – 6.92 million subscribers

Toni Gonzaga is a versatile entertainer who is a singer, actress, and television host. Her YouTube channel, Toni Gonzaga Studio, tackles a diverse range of video themes. The channel continues to capture the interest of entertainment enthusiasts with its variety of content, including music covers, behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, and collaborations with other artists and celebrities on her Toni Talks segment.

Her impact on the Filipino entertainment landscape is undeniable, with a dedicated fanbase and widespread recognition.

14. Panlasang Pinoy (@panlasangpinoy) – 6.82 million subscribers

Run by Vanjo Merano, Panlasang Pinoy is a renowned Filipino YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing delicious recipes and cooking tips for Filipino cuisine. This YouTube channel has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking authentic Filipino dishes and culinary inspiration. 

The channel’s ability to preserve and promote Filipino culinary heritage through engaging videos makes it a household name, enriching the culinary experiences of its loyal fanbase.

15. Akosi Dogie (@akosidogie) – 6.65 million subscribers

Akosi Dogie’s real name is Naser Ignacio Mollazehi. Aside from Dumali, Akosi Dogie is a prominent Filipino YouTuber and influencer who creates captivating content centered around gaming and entertainment. Due to this, he was named the SEA Content Creator of The Year in 2020

His expertise in gaming, infectious enthusiasm, and engaging personality have earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase among gaming enthusiasts. More than that, his journey from having an inactive channel for 12 years to vlogging success reflects his dedication and passion for creating entertaining content.

16. Viy Cortez (@viycortez) – 6.6 million subscribers

Viy Cortez combines comedic sketches with lifestyle content that resonates with audiences of all ages. She has a substantial YouTuber follower count, solidifying her position as one of the leading content creators in the country. Her infectious energy and sharp wit have earned her widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. 

Apart from that, she is also in a relationship with another vlogger in the Philippines, CongTV. Both of them often appear on each others’ YouTube channels to create fun challenges and prank videos. Beyond the digital world, Cortez is the owner of the cosmetic line VIYLINE and a tea shop called TeaTalk.

17. ChoOxTV (@chooxTV) – 6.55 million subscribers

Edgar Dumali, also known as ChoOxTV, is a celebrated YouTuber in the Philippines for his exciting gaming content centered on Mobile Legends. His streams often feature him talking with a voice filter, upping their comedic value. Combined with vlogs showcasing his personal life, he has gained immense popularity—with endorsements and talent signings amplifying his presence in the gaming industry. 

In 2022, he became an ambassador for Minana Esports with the goal of strengthening the gaming industry in the country—making significant strides in the digital landscape.

18. Geo Ong (@geoongchannel) – 5.84 million subscribers

A singer and vlogger in the Philippines, Geo Ong shares his travel adventures through immersive vlogs, showcasing breathtaking destinations and unique cultural experiences. His channel gains significant attention and appreciation for its stunning cinematography and engaging storytelling of his and his family’s travel adventures. 

Besides travel videos, Geo Ong also posts official music videos of his songs on his YouTube channel. Currently, his most popular video is the music video for his song “Parokyana”, which has 47 million views.

19. BITAG OFFICIAL (@bitagbentulfo) – 5.81 million subscribers

BITAG Official, led by veteran journalist Ben Tulfo, is a YouTube channel that makes videos revolving around public service and investigative journalism in the country. With a focus on exposing corruption and advocating for citizens’ rights, BITAG Official has earned widespread recognition. Their fearless reporting and dedication to serving the public interest drive positive change through empowering citizens.

20. Agassi Ching (@agassiching) – 5.4 million subscribers

Agassi Ching is not only an actor but also a popular vlogger in the Philippines. He used to collaborate with his ex-girlfriend Jai Asuncion as the dynamic duo “Agassi and Jai,” but they confirmed their breakup in February 2024. His content primarily revolves around lifestyle, entertainment, and comedy that appeal to a wide range of viewers across the Philippines. 

He often makes funny prank and challenge videos with his friends and other YouTubers in the Philippines. Through his engaging content, his channel was able to amass a total of 506 million views.

Partnering with YouTubers to Reach Your Audience

Leveraging the influence of top YouTube vloggers in the Philippines can open opportunities for your brand to connect with your target audience authentically—especially in an increasingly digital world. Through engaging content creation, these vloggers have gained millions of subscribers, allowing them to shape cultural conversations and consumer behaviors. 

With that, entering partnerships with such creators lets your business tap into their vast reach and influence, fostering meaningful connections and driving brand awareness. More than that, knowing the right digital marketing strategies can help you navigate the virtual realm confidently. 

That said, consider partnering with a digital marketing agency in the Philippines like Spiralytics to help you elevate your brand’s online presence and engagement. Contact us today to learn more!