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Unpacking Influencer Marketing in the Philippines: Insights and Strategies

Influencer Marketing

Not too long ago, influencing was limited to celebrities and a few bloggers. Today, influencing is a prevalent career many ordinary social media users want to tap into—Filipinos being one of them.

Coined as the “social media capital of the world,” the Philippines ranks second worldwide in average daily social media usage. It is a prime spot for influencers to start their careers. The market potential continues to grow, with more Filipinos spending significant time on social media.

To say that influencer marketing in the Philippines is a big deal is an understatement.

With this fact in mind, it becomes increasingly vital for local brands and marketers to comprehend the nuances of social media marketing in the Philippines and how they can leverage this to navigate influencer marketing. Continue reading to know how to resonate effectively with your Filipino audience.

The State of Influencer Marketing in the Philippines

If you still don’t fully grasp the weight of influencer marketing in the Philippines, check out these statistics that illustrate how heavily Filipinos rely on this marketing strategy for their purchases.

1. Many Filipinos shop on social media, making them particularly receptive to social media influencer marketing initiatives.

Over 86% of e-shopaholics buy directly from social media. Among them, 44% rely on influencer recommendations, demonstrating the impact these online personalities wield. 

Given their calculated screen time, Filipinos are one of the most receptive audiences to any influencer marketing strategy. This fact emphasizes the potential that social media platforms offer as a sales avenue as well as the importance of cultivating a loyal online following.

2. Filipinos are among the most prominent followers of social media influencers.

According to a Rakuten Insight survey conducted in May 2023, around 86 percent of social media users from the Philippines stated that they follow at least one influencer on social media. This impressive statistic not only reflects the Philippines’ enthusiasm for influencer content but also stands out in a global context, where just 22.6% of internet users, on average, do the same.

Local brands leverage the relevance of social media influencers to Filipino consumers by launching influencer campaigns, especially during product launches and sales.

3. TikTok videos are the most popular form of social media content in the Philippines.

The majority of Filipino Gen Zs use social networks more than any other digital channels. They especially love TikTok, with 48% of users saying TikTok videos are their favorite content to watch.

4. 90% of Filipino consumers prefer influencer accounts over brand accounts.

Over 90% of Filipino users prefer influencer accounts over brand accounts because their content is more relatable. Filipinos are naturally inclined to connect more with peer reviews and recommendations. As such, it’s easier for them to trust influencers they resonate with and brands they advocate for.

5. 70% of Filipino online consumers have purchased a product from an influencer recommendation.

This number highlights the profound impact influencers have on consumer behavior. Influencers’ genuine reviews and content create an aura of trust and reliability, significantly boosting their appeal. This trust encourages consumers to consider the products and take the decisive step of purchasing.

6. Over 75% of Filipinos use social media to become influencers.

One thing about Filipinos is that they are expressive, and they like to be loud and proud. The statistic indicates that most Filipino social media users view these platforms as spaces for self-expression and content creation. Moreover, you can see a clear desire to create and share content.

7. Most brands in the Philippines would spend up to 50% of their budget on influencer marketing.

Because of influencers’ profound effect on customers and their purchasing decisions, it’s no surprise that brands are investing 60% more in influencer marketing. Twenty-eight percent of brands are gearing up to invest substantial sums, ranging from Php 50,000 to Php 250,000, in a single nano influencer campaign.

Additionally, the popularity of influencer marketing in the Philippines has led to the “professionalization” of influencers. This means that content creation has become a full-blown career for social media personalities. Some influencers are also under managers, houses, organizations, or influencer marketing agencies in the Philippines to legitimize their line of work.

6 Influencer Marketing Strategies and Examples in the Philippines

Now that you know the value of influencer marketing to Filipino consumers, it’s time to add this tool to your marketing arsenal. Below are some influencer marketing techniques you can try with your brand.

1. Social Media Brand Takeover

A social media takeover temporarily grants an influencer access to post content on a brand’s social media accounts. They curate and share content, engaging the audience and amplifying the brand’s reach and visibility.

Check out Dannica Suazo’s takeover of MPL Philippines:

2. Video Interviews or Features

Here, an influencer advocates for the brand’s products or services. It’s usually unscripted, leveraging the influencer’s following and authenticity to engage audiences, promote brands, or delve into relevant subjects, such as what the product/service is, what it does, how long the influencer has been advocating for the brand, etc.

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most popular ambassadors for Aivee Clinic. Watch her vlog with the Aivee brand here:

3. Unboxing or Try-On Videos

Many IG and TikTok influencers do this for beauty/makeup and tech brands, where they unbox PR packages they receive on camera. These influencers provide viewers with firsthand experiences, insights, and opinions as they try on or test the items.

One example of an unboxing video is Gio San Pedro’s TikTok video featuring the ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED:

@giosanpedro_official Laptop with most unique hinge! #Unboxing the @ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED (UX8402) #ASMR #fyp #tech #satisfying #PC #Gaming #CreatewithASUS #Zenbook #OLED #ASUS #Sponsored ♬ original sound – Gio San Pedro

4. Event Hosting

Event hosting is a strategic brand collaboration where the influencer hosts or participates in an event on behalf of the brand. This can include product launches, promotional events, or online gatherings.

The e-commerce giant Lazada frequently invites big influncers to guest in or host their events. Here are Raiza Contawi and Gabbi Garcia on Lazada’s “Expert Yan”:

5.  Paid Social Post

Paid social posts are exactly what they’re named—brands partner with influencers to get a spot on their coveted feed/profile. More often than not, the brand is tagged in the post, and the product is well-presented either in a flat lay or a directed shot with the influencers themselves.

If you’re planning to collaborate with influencers for paid social posts, check out how Nido did it with Saab Magalona and her son Vito on Instagram.

6. Event Appearances

Influencers usually attend events or engage with a brand on social media. These appearances often include live streams, Q&A sessions, or virtual meet-and-greets, allowing brands to tap into the influencer’s audience and boost engagement, visibility, and product awareness.

Take this example from Jollibee. The fast-food chain titan promoted its Cheesy Yumburger by having heartthrob Joshua Garcia work as a cashier for a day.

Embrace Influencer Magic for Marketing Success

The significance of influencers to Filipino consumers cannot be overstated. They wield immense influence, capturing the hearts and minds of a highly engaged audience. Leveraging these dynamic individuals can be a game-changer for your businesses.

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