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Here’s Everything That’s Different About Digital Marketing in the Philippines

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Thanks to the constant influx of new technologies, digital marketing has asserted its relevance worldwide. In countries such as the Philippines it has evolved to become one of the most important aspects of a business due to its efficiency for attracting and nurturing leads. Moreover, the rise of e-commerce and the mainstream adoption of social media have also played a big role as to why digital marketing has grown exponentially.

The Philippines’ strong dependence on the web has transformed the way companies conduct their business. To paint a better picture, a 2022 report shows that there are 76 million internet users in the country and this presents countless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Thanks to this development, digital marketing agencies in the Philippines have developed new ways to drive the industry forward.

Fortunately, more local and international brands are starting to see the value of digital marketing in the Philippines. However, what aspects of digital marketing are different here compared to the rest of the world?  From social media usage to influencer utilization, this guide will uncover how digital marketing in the Philippines is done a little differently.

Here’s Everything That’s Different About Digital Marketing in the Philippines

1. Emotional and Thought Provoking Campaigns

Marketing agencies in the Philippines are experts when it comes to drawing out emotions. They can easily create an ad or a campaign that the public can resonate with, so you’ll see a ton of brands that make use of cheesy romance reels and skits to attract new customers.

Ultimately, the process of drawing out emotion relies on storytelling. Many Filipinos are attracted to things they can relate to, and a successful campaign will typically trend on several social media platforms with thousands of comments, shares, and reactions.

2. Strong use and understanding of social media

The Philippines has a total population of 108 million and it’s important to note that 82.4% of Filipinos are active social media users. With this statistic in mind, it’s safe to say that casual users and digital marketers in the country have a strong understanding of how Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms work.

While Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the three primary social media platforms in the country, other platforms such as WhatsApp, Reddit, and Twitch are still relevant because of their high user base.  Fortunately, digital marketers in the country are aware of this and have utilized this development to their advantage.  But apart from their ability to create and run innovative campaigns, their strong understanding of social media allows them to target, promote, and adjust their campaigns with maximum efficiency.

3. Effective utilization of influencers and sponsored posts

The popularity of social media influencers in the Philippines has become a relevant factor for digital marketing. One key factor why influencers are relevant is because of their trust value. Filipinos who see their favorite influencers partner with established brands help connect them to these businesses, simply because they look up to these people.

The same can be said for sponsored posts as a study by Kantar TNS in 2017 indicated that 59% of Filipino consumers trust the content they see on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram while globally, it’s only 35% that trust the information on these channels.

4. Mobile marketing mastery

GSMA Intelligence indicated that there are 156.5 million cellular mobile connections in the Philippines at the start of 2022. Interestingly, this is equivalent to 140% of the total population and this figure further proves the point that Filipinos are strong mobile users.

Businesses that incorporate mobile marketing have plenty of leverage when they are trying to improve their company’s engagement levels. Since Filipinos are glued to their mobile devices, mobile marketers have no shortage of opportunities to reach customers and develop new strategies.

5. CPC for Certain Keywords are Cheaper

Cost-per-click (CPC) for most keywords are generally cheaper in the Philippines. According to the Philippines Facebook Ad Cost Report, the country’s average CPC is 87.8% less than the U.S and has a cost-per-mile (CPM) that is 93.11% less than the U.S. Thanks to this, international brands who are looking to penetrate the Philippine market can successfully do so cheaper price! Keywords such “Philippines”, and “Metro Manila” have a good number of audiences, so consider them if you’re trying to run Facebook ads.

6. Taking advantage of highly active online users

One of the unique aspects of the Philippines is just how active Filipinos are online . Aside from Facebook, other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are popular platforms in the country, providing several digital marketers the opportunity to maximize this high active rate.

The average Filipino will spend nine hours using the internet. Among those nine, three will be for social media, another three for watching videos, two will be for streaming services, and an hour for gaming consoles.

A Sea of Opportunity

Just the sheer number of people alone can already pose several advantages for digital marketers in the Philippines. Thanks to the influx of opportunities at their disposal, marketers have elevated the industry by developing new ways to reach, engage, and relate to their audience.

As more people shift to the digital space,  digital marketing in the country will continue to grow. If you’re looking to get started with digital marketing should always remember that it will be in your best interest to consult with a top digital marketing agency in the philippines like Spiralytics! As a premier digital marketing agency in the Philippines, we have services such as SEO, e-commerce optimization, content marketing, and marketing optimization. If you are looking to scale your business with tailor-fit solutions, get in touch with us today!