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10 Most Popular Streamers in the Philippines

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Live streaming has taken the Philippines by storm! What began as a niche interest has rapidly evolved into a mainstream online trend, with an increasing number of Filipino viewers from all walks of life engaging with streamers on Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and other popular streaming platforms.

Game streamers in the Philippines appeal to Filipinos the most. Recent statistics report that gamers drive 20.8% of live streaming viewership and could generate ₱6.871 billion ($116 million) in 2024, making game streaming a highly profitable segment. Other live streaming formats, like live selling and in-real-life (IRL) streams, are also gaining popularity among Pinoy netizens.

Who is the most famous streamer in the Philippines? Let’s spotlight some of the country’s most-watched streamers to answer this question.

What Is a Streamer?

A streamer broadcasts their activities live to an online audience via streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Kumu, and Twitch. They cultivate dedicated fan bases therein and usually earn income through donations, sponsorships, and advertising revenue.

Each streamer has a unique way of interacting and entertaining their viewers, most of which fall into the following categories:

1. Gamers

Gamers are the most common type of Philippines streamers. They broadcast themselves playing video games while providing live commentary and reactions. In fact, the most popular streamer in the Philippines is a gaming channel!

2. Sellers

The rise of e-commerce and social selling is evident even in live streaming. Live sellers do product pitches and demonstrations in front of a virtual audience, taking advantage of the live format to engage potential buyers and encourage purchases.

3. IRL streamers

Short for “in real life,” IRL streamers offer their viewers a glimpse into their lives through candid and often unscripted content. Some produce live travel vlogs, while others stream and chat with their audience while cooking or taking a stroll.

4. Artists

Painters, illustrators, and musicians leverage streaming to showcase their art in real-time. Viewers can watch them work on their latest art, ask related questions, and request custom pieces. It’s an effective way to build and nurture a network of art enthusiasts.

5. Reactors

This category includes streamers who watch and react to viral videos, movie trailers, trending news, and other online content. Most offer unique commentary to spark lively discussions and debates among their viewership.

10 Most Popular Filipino Streamers in the Philippines

Who is the best streamer in the Philippines? We’ve listed the most subscribed and watched Filipino streamers below based on how many followers or subscribers they have on their primary platform. The popularity of foreign streamers like Kyedae and TenZ in the Philippines is also notable, but we’ll solely focus on Filipinos with significant Filipino viewerships. We will also exclude streamers with Filipino blood that started their careers outside of the country like Valkyrae and JohnOfTheForest. All figures are up-to-date as of publishing.

1. ChooxTV (Edgar Dumali)

ChooxTV is the top streamer in the Philippines due to his significant following on his primary platform, Facebook, surpassing that of other Filipino streamers. He’s also the top 1 streamer in the Philippines for Mobile Legends, the country’s most popular mobile game.

ChooxTV’s videos each garner hundreds of thousands to millions of views, so it’s no surprise that he’s at the top of the pedestal. He’s also a talent under Rumble Royale—the same management handling Filipino game streaming and esports giants like Razzie Binx and Akosi Dogie.

2. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao has long been a household name in the Filipino cosplay scene since her rise to prominence in the late 2000s. Aside from being a cosplay icon, she’s also a top Mobile Legends streamer in the Philippines, along with other games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Dragon’s Dogma 2. Meanwhile, her non-streaming content dabbles in lifestyle vlogs and endorsement videos.

Alodia also co-founded Tier One Entertainment, a talent management agency with a roster of popular Filipino influencers like Dexie Diaz and CongTV.

3. Akosie Dogie (Naser Mollazehi)

If you’re into esports, Akosi Dogie is your go-to personality. He’s a top streamer in the Philippine eSports scene, well-known for his comedic yet in-depth reactions to trending tournaments on YouTube. Meanwhile, his Facebook Live content mainly consists of casual gaming broadcasts of slots, roulette, and other betting games, with each video garnering hundreds of thousands of views within a day!

Besides his gaming videos, Akosi Dogie sometimes posts lifestyle vlogs to build a more personal connection with his audience. Unsurprisingly, he’s become the most popular live streamer in the Philippines in gaming reaction and commentary.

4. Dexie Diaz

Dexie Diaz is a Filipino Twitch streamer with thousands of views on each broadcast. Her broadcasts mostly consist of playthroughs of Lethal Company, Apex Legends, and Dead by Daylight. Thanks to her following, she’s become one of the top female streamers in the Philippines.

Most of Dexie’s subscribers follow her through her Facebook and YouTube accounts, but she isn’t as active on them as on her Twitch profile. That said, she broadcasted two gaming and one just chatting stream on YouTube in early 2023. Meanwhile, her Facebook consists of Apex Legends gaming videos and brand collaborations.

5. Myrtle Sarrosa

Up next is Myrtle Sarrosa, an all-around streamer and cosplayer who’s long been a role model for many Filipino gamers. What makes her unique is the variety of games she plays—Bullet League, Call of Duty: Warzone, Garena Undawn, you name it. She’s also in costume in most of her streams, making them a fun watch if you’re a cosplay fan.

Did you know that Myrtle is also an actress? She’s been in showbiz since after she won Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 in 2012. After that, she began taking acting jobs on top of being a gaming and cosplay idol to millions of people!

6. Biancake (Bianca Yao)

Biancake regularly drives thousands of viewers on each of her viewers. She started as a DOTA 2 streamer, but soon branched out and became a top ML streamer from the Philippines.She also retains over 50 thousand followers on Twitch despite being inactive there. Given her following, it’s no surprise that Biancake has received numerous sponsorships from local and Filipino brands, including Smart, MSI, and Mountain Dew.

Biancake also broadcasts live discussions with fellow gamers and streamers about upcoming tournaments and significant events in the eSports industry.

7. OhMyV33NUS (Jonmar Villaluna)

OhMyV33NUS is an LGBTQIA+ competitive gamer who has represented his community and country on the world stage multiple times. He plays for Blacklist International, an esports organization under Tier One Entertainment. However, he’s been on a break from competitive gaming in 2023 and now mostly streams himself and his partner, Wise, casually playing ML.

Unbeknownst to many, OhMyV33NUS has regularly faced homophobia during competitions. However, what no one can deny him is his enduring reputation as one of the country’s best ML esports athletes, which makes him a role model for many LGBTQIA+ gamers nationwide.

8. Sharlene San Pedro

Gen Z actress Sharlene San Pedro also live streams on the side during acting breaks! She uses her primary Facebook page to broadcast her Call of Duty Mobile videos, making her one of the most-followed CODM streamers in the Philippines. Each broadcast generates thousands of views within a few days, with older ones garnering upwards of 100K.

Game streaming allows Sharlene to have fun during her busy schedule. However, it’s also an excellent way to nurture relationships with her audience and forge new ones with gamers, improving her standing as a celebrity.

9. Razzie Binx (Raemon Bincang)

Watch out for Razzie Binx, one of the fastest-growing game streamers in the country. His content mostly consists of Valorant playthroughs, where he battles against other gaming influencers. He also regularly commentates live on current esports tournaments.

Razzie Binx is the sole ambassador of Team Secret, a global esports organization. What’s more, he’s also an interviewer! He has even talked with some of the biggest names in the local and international streaming scene, including Buunja, Myrtle Sarrosa, and some Offline TV members like LilyPichu and Pokimane.

10. GLOCO (Gian Lois Concepcion)

Are you more into indie games? If so, you’ll like GLOCO, a self-proclaimed “fisherman with the social energy of a crab.” He’s most active on Twitch, where he plays fewer MOBA or first-person shooters (FPS) and more of less-streamed titles in the Philippines, like Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and Shinkansen 0.

Meanwhile, GLOCO’s YouTube channel contains a more extensive variety of games and some non-gaming content, such as a recent unboxing video.

Maximize Your Streaming Potential

As you can see, streaming has been a highly supported—and lucrative—endeavor in the Philippines. No wonder many brands often seek partnerships with live streamers and other online influencers. With the opportunity to tap into their sizable viewerships and reach millions of people, streaming has become one of the most effective ways to showcase your brand among highly engaged audiences.

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