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How To Grow Followers With YouTube Analytics Data

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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video marketing. Billions of users turn to YouTube for entertainment, music, and branded content. In other words, you’ll be missing out if you don’t use this platform for your marketing efforts. 

To reach your marketing goals using YouTube, you need to grow a subscriber base. This is where YouTube analytics can help you.

Why Is YouTube Analytics Essential?

YouTube analytics provides you with the data you need to get people interested in your channel.

YouTube analytics does this by giving you useful metrics. For example, with watch time and engagement level, you’ll know the type of content people will watch on YouTube. If you have that information, you’ll know what content to create to get people to your channel. And when you are consistent in creating content people like, they are likely to subscribe.

In short, YouTube analytics helps you craft a content marketing strategy that works to grow your subscriber base.

Five Ways to Grow Your Followers Using YouTube Analytics Data

In this section, we’ll look at five ways you can use YouTube Analytics to grow your followers. You can access all these reports by clicking on your profile and selecting YouTube Studio. On the left-hand menu, you will see the option for analytics. 

1. Track Whether Your Content is Reaching the Right Audience

It doesn’t matter if you came up with the best YouTube content. If it isn’t reaching the right audience, you won’t get people to subscribe.

One of the first things you should do after uploading a video, then, is to check who is watching it.

Let’s say you’re selling a product in France. You’d want your video to be watched by people living there. If, based on YouTube analytics, your video is being watched by people based in the United States, then you’d have to make some tweaks to your content. For example, maybe you need to create a version of the video in French. 

Source: Convertkit

In other words, with this information, you can make adjustments to your content strategy if needed.

You can access this report by clicking on the audience tab. Apart from the country, you can see other information such as the age of those watching. 

2. Is Your Content Engaging Viewers?

The engagement report tells you how many minutes a person spends watching your content.

You want to know that because it will help you determine the type of content you should produce. The more people spend on a video the better because it means the content engages. 

According to Social Media Examiner, the longer the video watch time, the more likely the video will appear among YouTube’s recommended videos. And when that happens, more people can find you and subscribe to your channel.

So if YouTube tells you that people spent a lot of time watching your how-to fix a busted light video, then you should create more of that type of video for your channel to get subscribers.

When you know how long a person watches your content, you’ll also know how long your videos should be to keep them interested. Although according to Google, if you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long, the data might give you an optimal video length for engagement.

The engagement report also shows your top performers, the likes and dislikes, and comments on your videos. 

3. Look at the Source of Your Traffic on YouTube

YouTube analytics helps you see which sources are bringing in more traffic to your YouTube channel.

When you know where your traffic comes from, you can focus all your efforts on those sources to bring in more viewers and subsequent subscribers.

For example, if YouTube’s search feature is your top-performing traffic source, you’d focus on placing the right keywords in the video description. Don’t forget to use a grammar checker before you publish any written content. Just one spelling or grammatical error can undermine your credibility. And then you can say goodbye to the idea of users subscribing to your channel.

4. Track Your Subscriber Growth

YouTube analytics helps you track your subscriber growth. If your subscribers are increasing, that means your strategy is working. 

If there’s low or no subscriber growth at all after you started implementing your strategy, that means you should make some adjustments.

5. Check Overall Channel Performance

Source: Sotrender

YouTube analytics helps you check your overall channel performance. It helps you see the bigger picture so you’ll know where to focus. 

For instance, if your videos have many views but your number of subscribers is stagnant, you can conclude there’s nothing wrong with your content marketing but that you need to promote your channel more. 

If you managed to build your subscriber base but your video views are down, you can conclude your strategy needs tweaking.

In other words, this report helps you view each of the four reports I mentioned above holistically. So you can make better decisions to ensure subscriber growth. 

In Closing

YouTube is a platform you can no longer ignore. If used the right way, you can reach your target audience, and generate leads and conversions. 

But you can’t just sit back and hope people will find you on YouTube. You need to grow a subscriber base so they can easily see your video content. 

This is where YouTube analytics can help you.

With YouTube Analytics, you can determine if your content is reaching your target audience. You can also determine what makes for engaging content and know where to focus your efforts while tracking other areas for improvement. 

In short, you already have all the data you need. Put in the hard work and stick with it, and you’ll grow your YouTube subscriber base in no time.

Best of luck!

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