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Why You Should Care About Instagram Stories

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Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to Instagram Stories?

It seems like every marketer worth their salt uses this feature, and so you might be wondering why that is. You might also wonder whether or not your business should be using the same feature. In this post, we’ll try to answer both those questions for you.

Why Instagram Stories?

Well, as you’ll see from the infographic below, there are 300 million people using this feature on a daily basis. That speaks to exactly how popular this feature is. And, with more users publishing their own stories daily, the popularity is increasing.

And, why not? It’s simple enough to post your video, there are very few hard and fast rules, and it’s a great tool to increase user engagement with your brand. You’ll also be making your brand more visible and growing your Instagram followers because Stories are discoverable in the “Explore” tab.

  • What is This Feature?

It’s pretty straightforward – Instagram Stories allows you to showcase a short, 15-second video directly on your page. The video will only be live for 24 hours. You could repost it later if you like, or list it under the highlights on your profile page if you want to get more mileage out of it.

This ephemeral format works because provides brands and individuals with a fun, less formal way to promote audience interaction.

  • Why Use It?

The next question is, “Why use it if it’s such a short duration and time-frame?” It’s simple – it’s another way to connect with your followers and to provide value for them. You can post just about anything that will make your follower’s day a little better easily and quickly.

Not to mention the fact that the limited exposure time creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), further driving urgency and eliciting an immediate response. In the era of content saturation, tactics like these allow individual accounts to stand out and engage with their audiences on a far more “human” level.

How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

May-6-2018-Infographic-Instagram-Stories-1(Infographic Courtesy of 99Firms)

What Should You Post?

That’s where it gets harder, but if you check out the case studies showcased in the infographic, you’ll see real businesses that have benefited significantly from using the feature. You can get plenty of inspiration there to start off your own campaign and boost Instagram sales.

If you’re looking for some simple ideas to get going though, why not consider:

  • Introducing some of your back-office staff from time to time. It’s a nice way to get people to learn more about your business and the people that help get their orders out.

  • What about doing a short video on an event that your town held? Or interview a local celebrity or even a business owner in town?

  • What about that warm and fuzzy video when your staff are doing something for the community?

  • Product videos are also a great idea, as are tutorials.

  • Create a poll to encourage audience interaction. You could get opinions on a popular topic, comments on a public event, or create a simple feedback loop. The options are endless!

All you need to do is to engage your mind and always think about adding value for your audience – we know that you’ll come up with some extremely good ideas.

Don’t forget to use the right Instagram stickers, geotags, and hashtags to supercharge your Story’s exposure. Regularly tagging the engagement type, theme, and location when it’s relevant will increase discoverability and help put your Story in front the right people at the right time.

So, what’s your big new idea for Instagram Stories? Let us know in the comments!

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