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Close Deals 40% Faster with Customer Videos

Video Marketing

Video is the future of marketing and it is one of the most engaging and sales-driving types of content. Every year the popularity of video content is skyrocketing and customers want it more and more. Video format simply makes it easier for customers to consume the content and enjoyably immerse in it, and for companies to tell their story.

Videos can be applied for an array of purposes like explaining your company’s product or service, creating a product review, video tutorial, etc. However, when talking about sales and closing deals, the video format is best used to promote customer success stories and create customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials and the versatility of the video content used in synergy can have a substantial impact on building a strong social proof for your business. Not only can it raise brand awareness and presence, but it also might scale up your whole business and ultimately boost your revenue figures.

Let’s see how you can close deals 40% faster by harnessing the power of customer testimonial videos.

Why are customer testimonials so important?

Today’s markets are overwhelmed with various types of advertisements and there are a plethora of different strategies businesses use to attract customers. It is hard to stand out as there is a lot of competition with vast resources and determination to dominate the market. 

However, by caring to understand the needs and problems of your customers, you can leverage your marketing strategy without excessively disbursing your budget. 

This is where customer testimonial videos come in handy, as they are a great way to promote your products or services by leveraging social proof. The reason why customer testimonials are so effective lies in the psychology behind building trust through social proof. Precisely, people have more trust when they hear other people vouching for you than they have when you praise yourself. 

Back in the days, when digital ads weren’t amassed like today, smaller businesses (like barber shops, perfumeries, etc) had lines of customers waiting to be serviced. Many of those businesses almost didn’t use marketing at all and they had new people popping all around the place. 

Well, the reason was the word-of-mouth of their existing customers who casually recommended them, while wearing fresh haircuts or scents on them. They did this mostly unintentionally through ordinary conversation while “showcasing” products & services on themselves.

Things might have changed in the modern world but the principles behind building strong social proof mostly remained the same. That is why it is important to quickly adapt to the current conditions and use social-proof-psychology to convert your leads and close deals faster.

Building a dedicated testimonial page

When you record high-quality video testimonials the next thing to do is to put them to good use the right way. In case you have many client testimonials, you can consider creating a dedicated video testimonial page on your website. For such purposes, you can use a website builder or any drag-and-drop page builder.

This will show the leads that your brand has many satisfied clients and they will be able to watch them talk about it. Customer testimonial videos add a face to your business, showcase your expertise and allow the customers in the video to transfer positive emotions and experiences to the viewers. Just imagine the effect the whole bunch of customer testimonial videos can have on your leads.

Therefore, having a dedicated page that showcases customer testimonial videos and their successes can magnify your social proof. You can additionally categorize it by client, industry, year, etc and enable viewers to filter by these categories. This will help them get to the specific testimonials they want and that can push them to make a purchase.

It is also important to properly position the testimonials on your dedicated page and make the page itself visually appealing and inspiring. You can even put some of your customers’ satisfaction quotes on the page or include these quotes under the video description. Also, try to include a CTA (Call to Action) to your dedicated page, as it will drive your leads effectively towards closing deals.

Customer testimonial videos on your landing pages

In case you don’t have many testimonial videos (or only one), and still want to use them to close deals faster, place them on your landing page. Landing pages are standalone pages created for marketing or advertising purposes. They are widely used to collect leads (hence another name “lead capture pages”) and for sales (“sales pages”), and you should combine them with your testimonial videos.

Landing pages should be well adjusted and each page should be anchored to a different product or service your company offers. Moreover, each marketing channel should have a unique landing page for each product you advertise on it. That is the reason why landing pages are effective — they are specifically made to showcase one product & service from a specific marketing channel. 

That way, your leads will land on a page that contains exactly what they searched for and they’ll most likely be ready to take some action. To close deals faster, add a customer testimonial video on the landing page, along with a CTA below it. Customer video should push the leads to make a purchasing decision and placing a CTA close to it will enable them to do it right away.

The customer video you put on your landing page should be related to the product & service that the land page is for. For B2B video testimonials use video testimonials of industry experts or reputable professionals that will share positive experiences and impact your solution provided to their businesses.

Customer videos on social media 

We talked about the importance of video content and how algorithms prefer it—this is especially true for social media platforms. Social media users engage in video content more than ever, making video no.1 format on social media. The video format is preferred by both the users that immerse in it and the algorithms. 

Now, using customer testimonials on social media in video format will help you appeal to the algorithm and effectively share your story. By humanizing your brand using video testimonials, you will expand its awareness and strengthen your online presence. Furthermore, videos are easily shareable and if the users love them or find them useful and interesting, they’ll share them so you can get even more leads. 

Since social media gives users a great way to interact with content through likes, comments, shares, favorites, your brand can get even more engagement which translates to a stronger presence. 

As a result, you can expect more warm leads that equal closing deals faster and a higher ROI.

Final words

Customer testimonial videos are a trend that drives conversions, awareness, and sales. Whether you use it to drive sales, leads, or for something else, it can undoubtedly bring measurable results. There are a lot of examples on how to make a good video testimonial and the first thing is to identify what story your testimonial should tell.

Using all these strategies for closing deals faster will work only with videos of good quality with a professional touch. Investing in high-quality videos that have a clear direction and allow for spontaneity is a must. 

That way, they will look professional, authentic and will exude honesty, which is what sells. It is best to use professional service if you want to make a customer testimonial video like this.

Looking to close deals with compelling customer videos on your social media pages? Consider partnering with Spiralytics, and let us help you optimize your pages for maximum sales, traffic, engagement, and brand awareness, turning viewers into loyal customers.

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