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5 Brands Show Us How To Win Big with Social Media Marketing

Social Media

The social media landscape has evolved tremendously over the last decade. What was once a single social network has turned into a dynamic digital market that has opened a number of opportunities for both businesses and consumers.

With over 2 billion users active on social media, this statistic shows that at least 30% of the world’s total population can be found online. It’s highly possible that your next customer may just be watching cat videos on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram waiting for the next relevant post to pop up.

Just like your SEO and content strategies, social media marketing plays a big part in the development of your business. Digital marketers have recognized this trend and are now making good use of social media to elevate brand presence.

Now that so many brands have jumped on the social media bandwagon, feeds and timelines are now more saturated than ever. With businesses constantly competing to grab the attention of consumers, all the clutter in social media can make it seem like standing out is a close to impossible task.

However, these brands would say otherwise.

All it takes is a good understanding of your audience and an excellent social media strategy. Get inspired by how these businesses used social media marketing to win big.

Brands That Won Big with Social Media Marketing

  • Girl Scouts

Working as a non-profit organization, the Girl Scouts rely heavily on their cookie sales to fund their projects. In the midst of selling, they found out that their customers were having problems finding a girl scout representative to buy from. To address this conversion issue, they had a goal to drive more traffic to their website and increase the number of downloads for their app.


Their social media team created a Twitter campaign that allowed users to download their app directly from the Girl Scouts profile. By marketing their app card using entertaining messaging, they were able to attain more than 19 500 Twitter driven installations.

Thanks to the success of this campaign, this ultimately resulted in more sales. Other than gaining more revenue, the app was able to satisfy the cravings of customers by letting them know when, where, and how they can buy cookies.

  • MoonPie

Brand humor is an undeniably great way to connect with your audience, and Twitter has given MoonPie that opportunity. In the process of developing their brand persona, MoonPie wanted to be known as a brand with a fun personality so they made it a point to add some character to their Tweets.


Even though a Tweet only allows 280 characters, this was enough for MoonPie to capitalize on. By creating a variety of one-liners, memes, and other funny tweets relevant to their brand, they were able to establish a solid fanbase by simply taking on a humorous approach.

Aside from MoonPie, this tactic gave other brands such as the Sacramento Kings and Wendy’s more popular in their respective social platforms. If you want to enhance your social media engagement, being funny may work well for you. Take note that 55% of consumers would share content if it entertained them so don’t be shy to get creative.

  • Buzzfeed Tasty

In a fast-paced world, people want content and they want it fast. With the knowledge that most of their audience on social media were young tech-savvy individuals with shortening attention spans, they centered their content on making short and sweet recipe videos.

Lasting just a few minutes each, their excellently produced videos eventually went viral on Facebook and Instagram. Making good use of Facebook’s autoplay feature, they produced their videos in a way that sound isn’t essential. This way people could easily watch videos at any time without having to worry about others in their vicinity.

With over 97 million Facebook and 34 million Instagram followers, the brand currently boasts a reach of around 500 million users monthly.

When it comes to promoting content, Facebook’s algorithms continue to prioritize video over other forms of media. So if you want to boost your sales, incorporating video in your social media marketing campaigns is the way to go.

Video marketing statistics point out that 97% of marketers claim that videos have helped their audience gain a better understanding of their products and services. By using tutorials, product demos, and the like, you can help your users easily condense and recall the information you’re providing.

  • Dove

Dove has been using social media for quite some time with most of its campaigns centered on topics surrounding women and social causes. These include women empowerment, debunking beauty standards, and promoting diversity.

In a research study they conducted, they found that  of women were not represented well enough in media. To answer this problem, they created the #ShowUs Campaign and posted pictures of women from all walks of life.

With the intention of teaching others to accept differences and diversity, the brand was able to collect over 5000 pictures of women across 39 countries on Instagram.


They gave emphasis to their unique characteristics and this campaign helped them gain more mileage across the web. This case shows that your target audience will support your campaign if you have a cause or advocacy that resonates with them.

Another key takeaway would be the convenience that hashtags provide. Other than compiling user-generated content in one place, hashtags will allow you to monitor your audience more effectively. This can help you create more personalized content and can even help you figure out which areas of your business could still be improved.

Incorporating your campaign’s hashtag in your bio or posts are ways you can encourage your targets to use them.

  • Casper

It’s a fact that being available on different channels will allow you to reach a larger audience. Even though you aren’t necessarily required to be available on all social networks, it’s still a good idea to share your content across various platforms. Casper is a good example of a brand that knows how to use multiple channels.

As a company that sells beddings, they needed to find more innovative ways to attract leads. Like any other marketer, they used the basics such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but what sets them apart is how they used Spotify and YouTube.

To promote the idea of their brand without any hard-sell tactic, they created the Casper Sleep Channel.

In order to help their audience attain better sleep quality, they made playlists on Spotify and YouTube that’s filled with sounds for relaxing, meditation, and sleep. By promoting the playlist in their social media profiles, they were able to increase brand visibility and attain better audience engagement.

What’s Your Plan to Win Big on Social?

To sum it all up these brands were successful because they were consistent and engaging. By knowing their target audience by heart, creating timely and relevant content, and learning how to maximize the features of their selected platform, they were able to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

With a tailor-fit strategy, you can experience the same growth these businesses have gained. To scale your business and acquire more conversion opportunities, contact Spiralytics, a social media marketing in the Philippines!