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How NOT to Fail at B2B Content Marketing

Content Marketing

“Aim away from failure and you’ll always succeed.” This quote came from one of the recently released film “The Boss Baby”. Failure can sometimes be seen as a roadblock for a lot of people who are trying new things. However, it’s always up to you how to avoid that downfall by knowing how to save yourself from certain situations.

Ever since content marketing was born to the digital marketing industry, businesses have started to embrace its benefits. From waving it off as a non-important aspect of a digital marketing strategy up to crowning it as king to drive leads (generating and nurturing), it has definitely come a long way. Businesses don’t want to fail at it because it’s already crucial to their brand and purpose.

In 2017, content marketing is expected to grow even bigger as 70% of B2B marketers want to create more content in 2017 when compared to 2016, according to a study by Content Marketing Institute. Businesses have started to allocate more of their marketing budget to content marketing either to increase their people that do content marketing or hire an agency that can do it for them.

Here are the main things you need to remember to prevent your content marketing strategy to fail:

1. Match it with great visuals.

Your target market has surely shifted its attention to visual content. Nowadays, people would prefer to watch a 1-minute video to learn about something than to read an articles with a lot of words. However, you can work your way around that.

Based on an article by NewsCred Insights, readers only spend 37 seconds in scanning an article. You need to make sure that in that 37 seconds, you captured their attention. You can do that by providing attention-grabbing visuals. Get your designers involved. Properly draft the visual that will come along with your content either image, GIF, video, or even interactive content. Make their eyes feast. So that in every chunk of informative text they read, there’s a visual that can entertain them.

Figuratively, help your target audience divide your content in snackable information. Feel free to use subheadings, notable quotes, and other formatting techniques to have your readers easily pick up major takeaways from the content.

2. Find your tone to stand out.

With the amount of content that gets sent out on the Internet (either from the users or from brands), it’s extra challenging to make your content be noticed. By finding your tone and sticking with it, you’ll be able to create more evergreen content. In reality, your content has to fight for it to survive. Only the ones who are willing to observe and adjust their content marketing will come out alive in the content marketing brawl in the industry.

Also, study trends and new techniques to stay afloat as a content marketing and the content marketing strategy you’re building.

3. Establish the reason for your content.

In line with the previous point, by finding your tone, you can also formulate the reason why you’re publishing this type of content and this type of information. See to it that it’s in line with your business and market objectives. Any misdirection from these can lead your marketing strategy to failure. Set a solid ground for your content so you can also align the next steps like promoting it which leads to the next point.

4. Make sure it’s shareable and linkable.

People share content that affected them in any way or manner. They clearly found your reason and it translated to them. By affected, it’s either your content elicited emotions or feelings that ring true to them.

Furthermore, great content can build inbound links, increase social shares, and eventually, improve your SEO rankings.

5. Maintain quality.

And be consistent with it. Besides, if what you’ve published so far has worked wonders for your content marketing strategy, why would you change it? Moreover, your target market will appreciate that the content they’ve been seeing from you are always of quality content. In line with that, if you keep that quality up top, your target market will build their trust and confidence in you.

At first, it might take you longer time to produce quality content but through time, you’ll find a way to be efficient by spending less time but creating top-notch content. In that way, no resourced shall be wasted.

Looking much farther, quality content will surely give you a clearly defined and sure audience because you’ve already established that you’re a credible and expert source for whatever industry they belong to.

Now that you know how to dodge the pitfalls, you can now plan an excellent content marketing strategy that should keep you on track to success!