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5 Reasons Content Promotion is Essential to Your Content Strategy


In this extremely competitive industry, one must find ways to elevate from the rest of the opposition. There are loads of ways to do so, but they all need to have one thing, a solid branding. Let’s pull one card out of the deck and talk about how promoting content can get you where you want to be as a brand.

Content Promotion is the strategic planning and executing of campaigns to drive traffic to certain content pieces. If it’s a video, you must find ways to get views. If it’s an article, you must find ways to attract readers. It all goes down to plainly driving traffic by influencing your target audience to look at the content you’re promoting. It doesn’t even need to be your content. You may promote the content of others (just as long as they are not your direct competitors)! I’ll explain why in a little bit.

Now, you may just be a normal day-to-day blogger who likes writing about certain subject matters that interest you. You may like writing about food, tech, sports, music, or fashion. Point is, whatever kind of blogger you are, content promotion is extremely important in building your personal brand. As a soloist, you want to be viewed as someone who clearly knows a specific subject matter. You at least know enough to write about it.

If you’re running a business, however, this just puts you up on another tier. You clearly want to be perceived as a great source of information. You also want to get closer to your target market, which is why you make content in the first place. The image you’re creating makes a big impact on your industry and this may generally lead to getting, well, leads!

Let’s get straight to it. There are tons of reasons why you should promote content, but these are the best of them and ones you shouldn’t overlook:

1. It gets your content in front of the right audience

As you would imagine, great content promotion gets you in front of your target’s faces. Clearly it’s much better if you go viral, but if not then just the normal day to day existence on the social networking field would be fine. The point is getting them to look at your copy materials and possibly drive them to click. It is important to specify the space you want to promote in, but if you do it beautifully, you’d get relevant eyeballs.

2. It adds human element to your strategy

It makes you un-robotic. Your target would love it if they got content from someone who actually breathes, right? Sharing and promoting content makes your target market understand that you as a brand agree to certain ideals and topics. Make sure to edit your copy materials and make them feel really… human.

3. It boosts your rep as an industry expert

In the real world, who is in the right position to share expert level information? Yes, Experts. As a brand, you’d want to be perceived as an expert in your field. A food blogger must know what makes a food taste good, same goes for a tech blogger who must also know specs and parts. Sharing expert level content makes you appear to be a great go-to source for reliable information. It absolutely revs up your image as a source of legitimate content, which gives a great branding recall to your target market.

4. It allows you to build relationships with influencers

Basically, Influencers are the endorsers you want but don’t pay. If you promote their content, or reach out to them about their content, they’d be pleased. They might even promote you in return, which is the greatest thing they can give you. Them sharing your content creates the appearance of support and backing. Trust me, if you have an influencer supporting you, then you’re on your way to creating a strong brand.

5. It connects you to a bigger community

People relate to one another, seeking for mutual interest with one another. If you want to create a bond with your target market, then nothing’s better than presenting them something they can relate with. This does not only add to the “Human” feel of your brand, but also creates a closer relationship with your market. Oh, and don’t forget to answer to those comments!