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7 Underrated Content Marketing Tips for Every Website

Content Marketing

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach an audience and make conversions. One report shows that only 39% of marketers are believed to be successful in tracking their content marketing ROI. 

b2b-content-marketing-report-11-638(Source: B2B Content Marketing Report)

If you’ve found your way into the world of content marketing, you know just how much work it can be. If you’re struggling to perfect your strategy, take a look at these content marketing tips that you may have slipped under your radar. Content marketing is one of many ways to monetize your site, which at the end of the day is why we’re all here. 

  1. Think Outside the Blog

It’s no mystery that blogging has virtually everything you need to get your content to the target audience, but it doesn’t cover all of your bases. The way people consume content is ever-changing. To master this dynamic scenario, you’re going to have to embrace more than one type of content.

Although daunting to many, videos are an excellent way to reach a wider audience. According to a report by Hootsuite, YouTube alone pulls in 2 billion monthly users every month. Creating quick, informative videos present your audience with a shareable, compelling form of content.

  1. Segment your audience

The fact of the matter is, the people that make up your audience are at different stages, seeking different things. Segmenting your audience essentially means you’re creating content for portions of your target audience in order to better address their needs. This, in turn, leads to an increase in engagement from all sectors of your audience.

For example, the content that resonates with new subscribers, may not do much for the established subscribers. Your task is to understand the audience segments and create content that addresses them. An email marketing tool will be your best friend when it comes to reaching each segment efficiently. 

  1. Create Infographics

Admit it– there have been times when you simply didn’t care to read through a long article to find an answer. Well, no surprise here, your audience probably feels the same. That’s where infographics come in. Most people simply learn more when information is paired with a visual component. It also means people are more likely to stick around longer and share your content.

If you’re doing a data-heavy blog post, why not turn it into a compelling graphic? You can also use infographics to tell stories related to your blog topic. There are several infographic tools out there to get you started. 

  1. Perfect the Headline

When people perform a Google search, they’re looking for a quick, accurate answer. Your headline or meta title is what grabs their attention and brings them to the site. A good headline shows an understanding of what the target audience is seeking, and what the competition is missing.

Do your research to understand what your competition is writing about and fill in the gaps you find. The truth is, people may not even register your post if the title doesn’t immediately answer their question. Use an SEO tool to help you optimize your title. You can also use a forum site such as Quora to get an idea of the questions your audience is asking.  

  1. Understand the Data

I know analytics and reports can seem confusing and overwhelming in the beginning, but these tools are crucial to your success. It’s more than just tracking likes and views. You need to devote some time to learning an analytics tool and truly understanding the data points.

If you’re not doing this, you may be wasting your time on tasks that don’t actually serve you. Whether you use Google Analytics or an in-depth blog analytics tool, make sure you understand what the data means, and the changes you should make for greater success. 

  1. Get Ideas from Your Subscribers

As effective as it is, content marketing comes with a major challenge– coming up with ideas for more content. A great way to get new ideas is by asking your subscribers. Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and ask your readers “What should I write about?” Instead, use questions to find out what topics your audience is interested in learning more about.

You can incorporate these into your blog posts, videos, social media posts, emails, or any other content format.  Here are some open-ended questions you can use to get content ideas straight from the target audience:

  • What is your goal for this month?
  • What has been your biggest struggle [relating to your topic]?
  • What are your top priorities at the moment?
  1. Develop Your Voice

No, this isn’t a metaphor for being true to yourself, I’m talking about your brand voice. At the end of the day, your content is relaying a message to your audience. If you have a knack for breaking concepts down in a fun and easy way, stick to that. If you love delving deep into complex topics with tons of data and research, do that.

Whatever your direction you choose, be consistent. Your audience is drawn to your content for a reason. Make sure your content always reflects your values and represents your style. 


Content marketing is a smart and cost-effective way to reach your target audience, bring in quality leads and make conversions. It’s up to you to do the research and come up with a powerful content marketing strategy.

Use these underrated content marketing tips to help increase the growth of your blog and help make your content perform for you!

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