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A Look at What Makes a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign (with Statistics)

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During the last couple of years, the digital marketing sector has grown considerably, thus leading to the emergence of numerous complex trends. By following the latest trends for SEO, video marketing, social media, personalization, lead generation and data analysis, your campaign will have a better chance to stand out from the crowd, providing increased profitability.

But for many businesses, trends are not enough. Some of the world’s biggest companies put their marketing departments in charge of figuring out new ways to innovate and tap into viral marketing. As part of this article, we will talk about several outstanding marketing campaigns, while leveraging our resource of digital marketing statistics to figure out why they were successful.


  1. Levis – It’s Your Vote campaign, United States

Back in 2018, before the September 25th voter registration day, Levi’s launched a viral marketing campaign named ‘It’s Your Vote’. The main goal of the campaign was to encourage its user base to register for voting, and cast their votes on the Election Day. The marketing campaign was backed by several video spots, alongside in-store registration booths for votes. A microsite was also deployed to further promote the campaign.

Lastly, Levi’s also leveraged the power of social media to distribute images of celebrities and vote-branded apparel. While not truly innovatory, the campaign attracted a lot of attention, since it skilfully combined most marketing trends into a catchy campaign. Granted that 60% of users discover products on Instagram, it was easy for its followers to get involved with the campaign. 75% of users are expected to have taken action after seeing the Instagram posts.

The video spot was also of great help, considering that product videos are bound to increase purchases by 144%. The video spot was also shared across Facebook – where, 64% of consumers stated that watching a well-made marketing video on the platform can positively influence their purchase decisions.


  1. Uber – Beyond Five Stars campaign, United States

Thanks to its innovatory ride-sharing service, it was never difficult for Uber to gain popularity. However, the company still relies on marketing campaigns to promote its services to the existing user-base and prospective customers. In 2018, the US company carried out the #BeyondFiveStars campaign, in which it attempted to thank its drivers for all their hard work. The campaign makes use of marketing channels to thank its most complimented drivers, while also leveraging call-to-action to convince customers to share their positive ride-sharing experiences.  

The campaign was carried out via a microsite, alongside social media platforms. Uber shared driver photos on Instagram, which was a smart move, granted that photos with faces get roughly 38% more likes. Campaign images were also shared via Facebook, where they accounted for 75-90% of advertising effectiveness. Through this campaign, Uber not only attracted more customers, but it also attracted an extra number of drivers through the platform. After all, any employee/driver wants to feel appreciated.


  1. Spotify – #2018Wrapped campaign, Global

For years, companies throughout the world have upped their advertising efforts at the end of each year, in an effort to profit off the New Year trend. Spotify adopted a similar campaign, yet tweaked it to ensure higher rates of success.

With this in mind, with its ‘2018 Goals’ campaign, the music streaming service leveraged social ads do display New Year resolutions, according to user location. Later on, Spotify kick-started the #2018Wrapped campaign, via which it provided its user base with a variety of statistics encompassing musical trends, viewable on a microsite. Numerous well-designed, unique and quirky ads were also shared across the globe.

The campaign brought in great success for several reasons. Firstly, it utilized the viral New Year trend at the right time, via smart ads to deliver value was brought to the market. It’s also important to keep in mind that content marketing of this kind can bring in 3x more leads, when compared to traditional paid search advertising.

Here are some of the most compelling statistics that indicate other digital marketing trends in 2019:


Wrapping Things Up

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, highly successful marketing campaigns represent a well-designed combination of the latest marketing trends, viral-worthy content, and innovative design. In the future, marketing departments throughout the world will be able to leverage smarter and more powerful tools for customer behavior and data analysis, thus allowing them to craft better lead generation campaigns.

The innovations in artificial intelligence, big data analysis and market automation will also save marketing teams a lot of time, allowing them to focus on coming up with smarter campaigns, rather than carrying out simple, repetitive tasks.

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