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15 Hilarious Marketing Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Want to know how we cope and stay sane amidst all the client requests and workloads we handle daily? Memes. Lots of funny marketing memes, most of which we customize for kicks. 

We don’t browse and tweak memes all the time (okay, maybe a couple of hours a week). But admit it or not, entertaining memes in marketing spark creativity in our line of work. You can even learn a thing or two with them.

Not to mention the fact that memes are a great way to relieve stress and improve relationships in the workplace. Nothing stimulates camaraderie like having a good laugh over Drake memes, or that woman yelling at a cat.

Now, onto the fun part—let’s talk memes!

If you’re having a not-so-great day in the office, here are some of the funniest marketing memes that are guaranteed to cheer you up. Share them with your marketer friends or colleagues for a guaranteed chuckle!

The Best Marketing Memes from Around the Web

1. Because we can’t avoid “urgent” requests

A scene from the movie "Office Space" with an overlay text saying, 'If you could submit this urgent request tomorrow morning, that would be great.'

The “That Would Be Great” meme originated from the movie Office Space. The pictured character is the protagonist’s boss, which is a stereotype of a corporate manager. The meme echoes non-confrontational speeches about never-ending requests.

Whether it’s a design request or a content request, we can’t avoid them when they’re labeled as “priority” or “urgent.” At the end of the day, we do what we can with the time we have to produce quality content. 

But if we could be assigned tasks with more realistic deadlines, that would be great. 

2. Editors gotta edit

A scene from the movie "The Emperor's New Groove" with an overlay text saying, '70% of editing i staring at your work for hours while making this face.'

(Source: Pinterest)

An editor’s work is no joke. They scan through countless articles day in and day out, make comments and edits to improve the output, and work with writers and strategists to ensure outlines and drafts are cohesive and meet a certain standard of quality. 

So, when you see your editor sitting still and silent, looking like Kuzko from The Emperor’s New Groove, know that they’re not in a bad mood (trust us, we know)! They’re just busy proofreading articles. 

3. When you’re on the verge of breaking down

 A scene from the movie "FInding Neverland" with overlay text saying 'Client asked for another revision.'

The three-panel content marketing meme features a teary-eyed Peter (Freddie Highmore) and sympathetic Barrie (Johnny Depp) in the 2004 drama film Finding Neverland

The meme perfectly depicts how we feel when clients ask for multiple rounds of revisions—when we know we did everything they asked, and yet it’s still not enough. It could take weeks before they’re satisfied with the output, and sometimes it’s not our fault.

Not convinced? Check out this hysterically over-the-top example about accommodating client revisions from an ad designer for Nissin Noodles

 4. When you get one too many emails

A scene from The Oprah Winfrey Show with overlay text saying, 'You get an email, everyone gets an email!'

(Source: Marketing Carpenter)

This famous “You Get a Car” Oprah meme rings true to us marketers when it comes to emails. Our inboxes are never empty. Oh, and let’s not talk about the pile of emails that welcome us so warmly after a long vacation. Reading and getting back on track with emails can take hours! This especially hits home to the editors, managers, and team leads who must be CC-ed in every important email. 

5. We are very, very clear

A scene from the web series Hood Document with overlay text saying, 'That banner will work because I wrote "click here."'

This meme features a screenshot of Reece Simpson a.k.a. Roll Safe (Kayode Equmi) in the web series Hood Documentary. This meme is commonly used to mock poor decisions and a lack of critical thinking. 

We all expect marketers to write short yet clear call-to-action lines. At the very least, CTAs should tell the readers what they get when they click a button. So, writing “Click Here” on your ad banner isn’t enough. You need to communicate what the user will get when they do press on the button.

6. Content marketing is (and will always be) on trend

A scene from the movie "Zoolander" with overlay text saying, 'Content is ro hot right now.'

Source: (Market Launch Digital)

Our content writers are always fully booked and busy. Sometimes, they can’t even accommodate additional requests from other teams (i.e., guest post write-ups). That’s why this snap of Mugatu (Will Ferrell) at a fashion show calling Hansel (Owen Wilson) “so hot right now” best describes our content department’s status. 

To the agencies and other marketers who feel the same way about their content team, hang in there! We know how you feel; they’ll get to us sooner or later! 

7. Just mask the pain, Harold

A "Hide the Pain Harold" meme template with overlay text saying, 'Checking engagement on a 'viral' campaign idea.' *After 4 hours* 2 Likes.

Have you ever thought of a fantastic marketing idea and executed it thinking it would go viral or at least get lots of reactions, only for it to get snubbed? Yeah, we do, too. And so does Hide the Pain Harold.

But that’s all part of our job as marketers. We win some, we lose some. We’re all proud of our ideas, big or small, viral or not. We do it to be original, and we do it to grow our clients. 

8. Want to read our content? We got a surprise for you!

A scene from the Movie "The Shining" with overlay text saying, 'I just wanted to read your content.' With the second panel saying, 'Here's sales!!.'

Source: (Marketing Carpenter)

We write content for a number of reasons, one of which is for lead generation purposes. We think this scene from The Shining mimics many companies’ lead generation processes, whereby they seem to offer visitors valuable content, only to hit them with a sales message when they let their guard down.

At Spiralytics, we understand that most visitors probably aren’t ready to talk to sales. That’s why we offer most of our content for free (no signup required). 

Additionally, we don’t bombard our leads with sales messages. Our approach is a lot more subtle and conducive to a great inbound marketing experience.

9. A tribute to our easy clients

A scene from the movie Doctor Strange with overlay text saying, 'When a client is easy to work with.'

More often than not, we’re lucky to work with easy clients. These are clients that understand what we do and trust our process. After all, we’re both working towards the same goal: to grow your business. 

This Doctor Strange meme that releases heart emoji energy attacks perfectly illustrates how we feel for our easy clients! When collaborations with clients go smoothly, hitting your target metrics becomes easier too!

10. Social Media Overload

A scene from the movie Bruce Almighty with overlay text saying, 'When someone asks how many accounts you manage.'

Source: (

Here’s a social media marketing meme every person in the role can relate to. With Instagram launching a new platform called “Threads,” the photo-sharing app’s answer to Twitter (now known as “X”), social media marketers have much to keep up with.

It won’t stop with Threads, either. In a week or so, a new social media juggernaut will probably enter the market, leaving many social media marketers scrambling to create and handle all these brand-new accounts.

As Jim Carrey’s character said in Bruce Almighty, the movie this photo was taken from, “That’s how the cookie crumbles.” From all of us at Spiralytics, we salute all of you social media marketers and your amazing ability to “switch hats” quickly when necessary.

11. Given the cold shoulder

A scene from TV series The Office with overlay text saying, 'When decide to pick up the phone make some cold-calls.'

Source: (

This meme is probably universally felt by most marketers, not only with cold calls but with cold outreach efforts in general. 

Picture this, you’re feeling good and ready to offer the world top-notch marketing services, then boom. You’re hit with a “not interested” note immediately before getting a word in. It happens, believe us, we’ve been there and done that. So, hang in there. 

Take a page from Michael Scott’s playbook from The Office and work hard to make people afraid of how much they love you. Keep those cold outreaches coming.

12. Going googly from Google Analytics 4

A scene from animated kids show Spongebob Squarepants with overlay text saying, 'Me after using GA4 for 17 seconds.'

Source: (

The sun has set for Universal Analytics (UA), and the era of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here. GA4 is new to many digital marketers, so it can be difficult to navigate first. This tool is drastically different from the UA tool we all have loved, so we get it if you’re taking your sweet time learning to use GA4. 

New system, new pains. Fortunately, this change will all be worth it, so keep at it.

13. Climbing the ranks

A screen capture of a Tweet from Twitter with the text reading, 'SEO game too strong,' along with a photo of a Thai restaurant with a unique name.

Source: (

With many businesses vying for customers’ attention, you need to work on your searchability, and the owner of this Thai restaurant definitely knows it. If you’re in the right location, they’ll probably be the first thing you see on Google when you want to look for Thai restaurants near you.

However, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t always this easy. So, let’s give a round of applause to the SEO professionals who work tirelessly to make it possible for you to find the most obscure item or dining experience out there.

14. Target acquired

A scene from the movie Taken with overlay text saying, 'I don't know you are, but you clicked on an Ad once again. So, I'll retarget you again and again.'

Source: (

Marketers know that every lead is valuable. So, we try our hardest to maximize all users who have already shown interest in our brand before–even if that means bombarding them with retargeted ads. We often feel like Liam Neeson in Taken with how seriously we take our microtargeting efforts.

15. Not excelling at Excel

A scene from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" with overlay text saying, "Anytime I have to use excel.'

Source: (

Remember when we were all like, “Why are they even teaching Microsoft Excel in school? It’s not like we’ll use it anyway.” Well, don’t we all feel silly now? We’re sure everyone’s experienced going on YouTube or Googling small things, like “how to use vlookup” during reports season. You all are not alone, we can assure you of that.

Entertaining Dank Memes for Digital Marketers

At the end of the day, work is still work. No matter how hard it gets, we deliver. But memes definitely keep us all together at Spiralytics, and it’s a part of our healthy culture. 

They’re one of the best ways to lighten up dull days or stressful Slack channels, such as when we want to break the silence in our group chats or when they’re filled to the brim with “serious talk.” The next time you’re having a gloomy moment at work, just look to the wonderful world of marketing memes to deliver a smile time and time again! 

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