Paid Advertising

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The Pros and Cons of Paid Search Advertising

  Need help understanding the ins and outs of paid search advertising? Find out how,...

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How to Spy on Competitors’ Google Ads

  All business owners and marketers hop on Google from time to time to check...

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Uncovering the Relationship Between Paid Search and SEO

  Full-fledged marketers know better than to think that search engine optimization (SEO) and search...

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AdWords Account Structure and Budgeting [9 Best Practices]

  Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools used in online advertising, for...

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Improve Quality Score and Search Ad Ranking [How-To Guide]

  According to online advertising statistics in 2016, four out of five businesses use Google...

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Critical Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Search Ads

  You’ve ventured into search advertising and launched SEM campaigns. You may have already noticed...

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Optimizing Google Ads Campaigns [10 Keyword Bidding Strategies]

  Effective keyword bidding requires a comprehensive understanding of how search advertising platforms work. At...

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Optimize PPC Landing Pages for Conversions [How-To Guide]

  Digital marketers often opt for organic traffic rather than paid advertising, thinking that organic...

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7 Advanced SEM Strategies That Make Your Ad Campaigns More Efficient

Your online marketing campaign can never be complete without search engine marketing (SEM) in your...

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How to Write Great Copy for Search Ads

  “Take her to the moon for me, ok?” For those who’ve had the pleasure...

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SEM Platforms and How They Differ

  Due to the rapid changes in digital marketing trends, businesses must think of better...

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Researching and Selecting SEM Keywords [How-To Guide]

  Keywords are arguably the most important aspect of any search advertising or SEO campaign....

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Develop an SEM Plan That Works for Any Brand ? [How-to-Guide]

Are you trying to create an optimized SEM plan that drives profitable conversions for your...

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Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements [Infographic]

Not knowing where to place your Facebook Ads to get optimal results immediately puts your...