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40 Online Advertising Statistics (You Really Should Know)

Earning big returns from your online advertising campaigns becomes a lot easier when you’re working...

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Make SEM a Breeze ?️ (With 6 Free Tools)

Take the frustration out of search marketing with Spiralytics professional paid search services. We’ll optimize...

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First Banner Ad and The Lessons We Can Still Apply Today

As we know by now, digital marketing waits for no one – platforms are continuously...

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10 SEM Rookie Mistakes You Might Be Making

Search engine marketing (or search advertising) is relatively easy to set-up compared to other online...

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Case Study: How Facebook Ad Fatigue Can Destroy Your Campaign Metrics

  Facebook Ad Fatigue Definition Facebook Ad fatigue is the condition when your audience gets...

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5 Reasons to Use Google Dynamic Remarketing

  Last year, I published 2 posts about remarketing, Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting and 7...

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UTM Tagging Guide: How to Use UTM Links with Google Analytics

  As an optimizer who regularly looks at Google Analytics to learn more about how...

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8 Things We Learned from Implementing AdWords Conversion Optimizer

We all definitely want to get more conversions and spend less time and money on...