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Becoming & Hiring a Content Writer in the Philippines

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Poor content quality, limited creativity, and lack of keyword optimization… are these issues your brand struggles with? Many marketing professionals grapple with SEO strategies without access to skilled writers who can elevate their content and online presence. But interestingly, content writing in the Philippines has boomed. Thanks to advancements in remote work technology and the growing demand.

Although the country is known as the prime human capital for outsourcing IT, customer service, and virtual assistants, Filipino content writers stand just as strong. If you’re looking to hire a content writer in the Philippines, this post shares how you can tap into this flourishing talent pool. Likewise, if you want to become a content writer, you’ll get insights about the process here.

Content Writing Profession in the Philippines 

Content writing is all about creating engaging, informative, and relevant written material for online platforms. The goal is to draw in and retain target audiences while achieving specific goals. Because the digital marketing industry is thriving, the demand for content writers in the Philippines and globally is also increasing. Businesses today are becoming more reliant on online content to reach their audiences. 

For writers, this gives them more diverse opportunities, whether in blog and creative writing or technical and business writing. The variety goes on. Meanwhile, the average salary of Filipino content writers depends on experience and expertise. The pay can differ more for a freelance writer in the Philippines since some charge per hour or by project. Here’s an estimate of compensation rates:

Average Salary of Filipino Content Writers per Month in 2024
Entry-level writer PHP 16,000 – PHP 22,000
Experienced writer PHP 20,000 – PHP 37,000
Full-time freelance writer Can be PHP 35,000 and above

Filipino content writers generally earn salaries similar to those of Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Thailand. They also do well when it comes to job satisfaction. Many praise the flexibility, project diversity, and industry growth opportunities.

The Philippine government has taken steps to support the content writing profession by enacting Republic Act No. 11927. This legislation promotes the rights of freelance workers, including content writers, ensuring fair treatment and protection of their rights in writing-related transactions. It also fosters a conducive environment for content creation in the country, benefiting the digital marketing sector.

Becoming a Content Writer: Key Requirements and Steps

As an aspiring writer, getting into content creation is thrilling. It’s a world of endless possibilities because there’s much to explore and learn. But amidst the excitement, you must understand what it takes to kickstart a successful career as a content writer.

Being a skilled wordsmith is just one side of it. In this profession, you may have to craft compelling and informative written material out of your comfort zone and knowledge. They can be blog posts, articles, social media captions, website copies, etc. Your role encompasses assorted content types aimed at engaging and educating target audiences. Here are pointers to set off your writing career: 

Basic Requirements

  • Educational attainment – A bachelor’s degree or formal education in English, journalism, or communications can provide a solid foundation. It can also refine writing skills and give insights into the art of content creation. However, this isn’t mandatory for becoming a content writer because you can learn along the way.
  • Experience – Contrary to popular belief, aspiring content writers can rev up their careers with little to no prior experience. Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork offer opportunities for beginners to showcase their skills and land writing gigs.
  • Writing portfolio – If you want to attract potential clients or employers, you need to market yourself. Build an appealing portfolio to show writing samples. Featuring different genres and topics can highlight your proficiency.
  • Knowledge of various subject matters – Content creation touches multiple niches and audiences. Hence, a content writer should possess a broad understanding of diverse topics and industries.
  • Adaptability – Similarly, content writers must be flexible enough to pivot their writing style, tone, and approach based on client requests and audience preferences. 

Skills Needed

  • Research – Writing isn’t just about creating something catchy for readers. It should also present accurate information. This is where thorough research skills come in. You must be able to verify facts and ensure the credibility of your content.
  • Knowledge of social media – We’re in an era where almost everyone is online. Understanding the nuances of social media platforms and their respective audiences allows you to curate shareable and engaging content.
  • Time management – Content writers usually juggle multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. To meet deliverables and maintain productivity, you need to master time management skills.
  • Creativity – It’s a given that a creative mindset is a must for any writer because this allows you to think outside the box. It’s where innovative ideas come in, and compelling narratives are made. Having originality and knowing the art of writing lets you captivate readers while differentiating brands in a crowded digital landscape.
  • SEO skills – Not every writer has search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. However, familiarity with SEO principles and techniques can help you produce content with higher rankings in search engine results. It can also increase organic traffic to the websites you write for.

Steps to Start Content Writing

  • Take writing classes – If you don’t have formal education in English or communications, you can make up for it by enrolling in writing workshops and courses. There are tons of free and paid online classes that can enhance your writing proficiency.

You can also read books on content writing to deepen your understanding of industry best practices. Even if you have a college degree, there’s always room for learning and improvement.

  • Gain work experience – There’s only one way to hone your skills. Whether through internships, freelance projects, or entry-level positions, hands-on experience in content writing allows you to build your portfolio and establish credibility within the industry.
  • Network and collaborate – Since content creation and digital marketing are dynamic fields, it is crucial to build connections with fellow writers and industry professionals. These relationships can lead to potential clients or employers. Even better, they can open doors to new opportunities, mentorship, and collaborative projects, accelerating your career growth and development.

3 Avenues Where Employers Discover Remote Writers

The quest for skilled writers can sometimes feel like you’re lost at sea because of all the options. The first thing you can do is understand the available platforms to discover talent. Knowing where to look impacts the quality of writers you attract. Here are good places to start:

  1. Job boards

Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn are popular platforms where you can advertise job listings and connect with potential candidates. These avenues are home to top-tier talent but also include entry-level individuals. You can specify your requirements, making finding writers with your desired skills and experience easier.

  1. Freelancing sites

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr cater specifically to freelancers. Many Filipino content writers are on these platforms. Similarly to job boards, you can browse through profiles, portfolios, and reviews to identify writers whose expertise aligns with your needs. Freelancing sites also offer flexibility in hiring arrangements and often provide a streamlined project management and payment process.

  1. Creative and marketing agencies

Collaborating with a content marketing agency can be a convenient way to access the best content writers. These agencies usually have established networks of writers with varying expertise and can match employers with writers who best fit their project requirements.

Hiring a Content Writer in the Philippines: 9 Key Considerations

Now that you know where to find the right talent to fulfill your company’s content needs, it’s time to dive into who you should hire. Our suggestion: content writers from the Philippines. This section explains why they’re excellent choices and what to keep in mind to streamline the hiring process.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Content Writers

  1. Increased content quality – Filipino content writers are known for their proficiency in the English language. They adhere to grammar and syntax rules. They’re detail-oriented and dedicated. Hence, the result is high-quality content that can significantly boost your brand’s online presence.
  1. Proficient demographic – The Philippines boasts a large pool of highly educated and skilled individuals, many with backgrounds in English literature, journalism, or communications. This demographic’s familiarity with Western culture and trends makes them adept at creating content tailored to global audiences.
  1. Cultural compatibility – Because Filipino content writers understand Western culture and consumer preferences, they can create content that resonates with international audiences. Their ability to infuse cultural elements and relatable references into their writing can strengthen brand authenticity. This quality drives engagement and potentially attracts more customers. 
  1. Cost-effective solutions – If you’re looking for affordable rates without sacrificing quality content, hiring content writers in the Philippines is your best bet. With lower living costs than in Western countries, Filipino writers can deliver exceptional value without compromising quality.

Tips on Hiring Content Writers

  1. Assess their approach to content creation – Get to know the writer’s process. How are they at researching, planning, and executing content projects? Look for applicants who demonstrate a strategic approach, creativity, and attention to detail in their content creation methodology.
  1. Evaluate their skills – Beyond writing proficiency, check the writer’s knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and content optimization. A good grasp of digital marketing can guarantee effective content strategies.
  1. Consider writing tone and style – Each writer has strengths. Some are great at creating social media postings, while others specialize in technical writing. Before you hire a writer, check if they align with your brand voice and messaging. You can request writing samples or conduct a writing test to gauge their ability to suit your needs and target audience.
  1. Employ testing for different subjects – If your content needs to span various topics or industries, try administering subject-specific writing tests. This ensures that the writer can deliver high-quality content across diverse subject matter. Getting the best fit for your company can also speed up content creation and produce more effective outcomes.
  1. Check their soft skills—In addition to having a knack for writing and crafting content that resonates with your target audience, soft skills are also crucial. Look for writers who can communicate clearly and are responsive. A collaborative mindset or team player is important, too. These qualities lead to a smooth working relationship throughout projects and engagement with them.


Can I be a content writer without experience? 

Yes. You’re likely to secure a writing position with an established profile on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. If you already have sample work, you can set up a portfolio on Contently. This can attract clients across various industries and lead you closer to landing a role.

When should I hire a content writer? 
If you’re launching a new website or rebranding your business, it’s time to partner with a content writer. Content writers are also essential in maintaining regular, high-quality blogs.

What are the common challenges content writers in the Philippines face, and how can I overcome them?
Typical challenges include managing tight deadlines and maintaining creativity amidst repetitive or complex topics. You can power through by prioritizing time management and seeking inspiration from varying sources. It also helps to continuously upgrade skills, get feedback, and take pauses occasionally.

What are the key differences between hiring an in-house writer and a freelance content writer in the Philippines?
Their differences lie in employment arrangement, cost structure, and flexibility. In-house writers offer greater availability and alignment with company culture. Meanwhile, freelance content writers provide flexibility, diverse expertise, and often cost-effective solutions.

Ignite Your Content Strategy

The art of content writing opens endless possibilities in digital marketing. From crafting pieces to engaging with audiences, being a content writer is challenging and rewarding. The same goes for hiring one. But remember to prioritize quality. Invest in skilled writers who can elevate your brand’s online presence with impactful content.

Collaborating with a content marketing agency like Spiralytics is an easy way to find the best content writer for you. We have a solid and creative team of professionals who can drive tangible results for your business.

Ready to start your content writing journey? Connect with us today! For inquiries or assistance, get in touch via our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. You can also check out our other blogs for tailored solutions to your digital marketing needs.