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50+ of the Best B2B Content Marketing Resources for Businesses

Content Marketing

We all know that Content Marketing will continue to be a big deal in 2017. It integrates to various marketing disciplines, being the fuel that keeps SEO, inbound marketing , and social media running.

Content Marketing is particularly essential to the B2B industry. Not only does informative and persona-based content make a website more searchable and visible, it also builds up the credibility of a brand and leads customers into the marketing funnel.

B2B Marketers and B2B lead generation companies know how crucial content is to their business goals this year, with 89% of B2B companies in North America implementing or continuing their Content Marketing strategy this year. However, maturity levels of these B2B marketers vary.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s benchmark report, B2B marketers see their content marketing’s maturity this way:


Only 28% see their Content Marketing strategy as mature and sophisticated; 36% consider themselves in the earlier stages of the race, experiencing growing pains or not having a structured process; and 35% see themselves as successful and are becoming more advanced as they enter the new year.

Needless to say, Content Marketing is an ongoing process, there are always new trends and opportunities to look into, and therefore ongoing education is a must.

There are countless of good materials and blogs out there that will guide you through the ins and outs of Content Marketing, and as someone who’s always on the look out for these new resources, we decided to put the best ones we’ve seen to help you on your way.

1. Content Marketing Overview

  • What is Content Marketing? Copyblogger, one of the first proponents of Blogging and Content Marketing gives an overview of content marketing in comparison with traditional copywriting, and how to combine both for maximum results.
  • Getting Started on Content MarketingThe leading authority to all things content marketing, CM Institute traces the history of Content Marketing, why useful content should be at the core of your marketing campaigns, and why content is the past and the future of marketing.
  • Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to Content MarketingOne of the most complete guides we’ve seen, this comes with 9 chapters of content, from basic definitions to process, strategy, content creation, promotion and analysis.
  • Advanced Guide to Content MarketingThis advanced guide goes deep into the content publishing process, designed for both early adapters, bloggers, business owners and content marketers who want to level up their game.
  • B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2017An annual benchmark report produced by Content Marketing Institiute that’s packed with insights and trends that will help you shape your content strategy for 2017.


2. Developing a Documented B2B Content Marketing Strategy

3. Identifying Buyer Profiles or Marketing Personas

4. Business Blogging as a staple Content Marketing strategy

5. Generating Blog Topic Ideas

  • 14 Ways to Generate Blog Topic Ideas That Get ResultsThis article recommends 14 actionable steps to generate content topics, trial and tested by the author.
  • 7 Free Blog Post Title GeneratorsI wouldn’t really depend on mass-produced blog titles, but you can get a lot of ideas from these tools. You usually just input your keyword/s and the tools will automatically generate dozens of topics in one click. Some titles can be entertaining and worth trying, you know, for the fun of it.
  • 40+ Ways to Find Great Ideas for Your B2B BlogThis list is particularly inspiring for B2B bloggers and content marketers. Go through this list one by one and you’ll never run out of blog content ideas again.

6. Diving into the Content Creation Process

7. Promoting and Distributing Content

8. Linkbuilding and Search Engine Optimization

9. Computing ROI and Analyzing Performance

Bonus: 2017 B2B Marketing Trends from Spiralytics

We’ll be updating this as we find new resources, so go ahead and bookmark this page. 

Anything we missed? Share your favorite Content Marketing resources to us!