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Abandoned Cart Email: Templates, Techniques, Tips


Are you wondering if there is anything else you can do to boost your sales? Of course, there is! With the help of email marketing, you can recover those abandoned carts and convert them into successful purchases. Aside from conversions and customer engagement, an abandoned cart email can lead your company to loyal customers and great relationships.

Sending emails to consumers who nearly made purchases is a great encouragement for them to complete their transaction. Statistics show that around 70% of people tend to leave their carts abandoned. On the bright side, if you decide to pursue your customer with reminders, good things will come your way.

Abandoned carts have a 49% open rate compared to a normal e-commerce email (15%). These emails are also being clicked by 21% of the recipients. Besides that, once you develop great tactics and strategies on how to approach your customers, you will recover at least 5.9% of your lost sales.

Sounds good, right? Let’s check some of the tips and guidelines which will help you to become a real abandoned cart expert.

Abandoned Cart Email – What Is It?

An abandoned cart email is a message which is sent to a potential customer who leaves your online shop or website without fully completing the purchase. It is a follow-up that is usually sent to people who have left the goods in the cart while being in the middle of the checkout process.

You are now probably wondering, what might be the reasons your ‘about to be customer’ decided to abandon the shopping cart? Here are a few motives:

  • Your price is too high – your customer found a competitor who sells the same/similar goods for less.
  • You have high or hidden shipping and delivery costs – your client has found a competitor who offers free shipping.
  • Your checkout method is long and complicated.
  • There is a necessity for an account creation to be able to complete the purchase.
  • Your website has issues.
  • Your online shop or website doesn’t seem to be trustworthy.
  • Your return policy and regulations are problematic and difficult.
  • You do not have enough payment options.
  • Your customer’s card was declined.

If any of these reasons fit your brand, it is time to fix them. Let’s look into some email templates and techniques which will help you to get your clients back.

Abandoned Cart Email Templates and Techniques

Before we check some of the great email template examples which will get you inspired, let’s look at what a good abandoned cart email has to consist of:

  • The strong and engaging subject line.
  • Introductory line or paragraph.
  • Display of items that were abandoned.
  • Extra offers or discounts to encourage the purchase (optional).
  • Call to action button.
  • Proof of your company’s reputation (reviews, testimonials, etc.).
  • Closing line or paragraph.

You might want to use a series of emails that will send more than one reminder about the abandoned cart. Check out the suggested structure of the email reminder series:

  1. 1st Email – Cart reminder. Send it within a few hours after the cart was abandoned.
  2. 2nd Email – A follow-up. If the purchase hasn’t been made after the first email, send a follow-up within a few days’ time.
  3. 3rd Email – Discount or special offer. If your customer was not convinced yet, offer them an exclusive deal for encouragement. Send this email a couple of days after a follow-up.

What Else to Consider?

As with the rest of the emails you are sending out to your subscribers, the more personalized an abandoned cart email is, the more chances it will be opened and clicked. Customize the email by using the customer’s first name, suggest some further options based on the items which were abandoned in a cart or remind them about what they left. Ensure that the email looks like it was received from a friend rather than a business and it is warm and welcoming in order to encourage the purchase to be completed this time.

Besides personalisation, ensure that the text in your email is snappy, engaging and persuasive. With the help of eye-catchy text, you will be able to attract the interest of the customer and make them read the entire email and be more receptive to giving your company another try.

Lastly, if you decide to follow the structure of a single abandoned cart email, you should make sure you send it within an upcoming couple of hours to remind them about the incomplete purchase. If you are using a structure of the email reminder series, the best frequency and timings were discussed in the previous section.

Abandoned Cart Email Templates

You now know the necessary tips and techniques to consider before sending an abandoned cart email. To inspire you even further and provide more guidance, check out these great abandoned cart email templates which were used by different brands to get their clients back to their site.

1. Welp email – Is It too late now to say sorry?

2. Quip email – We’re still here for your teeth

3. RedRokk reminder email – I noticed you noticing me… 

4. Loeffler email – We noticed you’ve left something behind 

5. J. Crew email – Forget Something?

6. Birchbox email – Finish your order before your items sell out

7. Debenhams – Is it me you’re looking for?

Let’s Revise – Abandoned Cart Tips and Tricks

You should now be able to understand how abandoned cart emails work and the reasons why the purchases have not been completed. Once you sort out the issues, there will still be cases where an abandoned cart email will be needed. 

Let’s recap the most important tips which will help you stand out with your message:

  • You might want to follow the structure suggested above: Subject Line, Introduction, Abandoned Items, Special Deals, CTA Button, Social Proof and Conclusion. This will help and guide you through the email creation, making sure you haven’t left out any important bits and pieces.
  • Select a structure that you will use for your abandoned cart emails. You can have a single email reminder or a series of email reminders. Decide which one works best for you and arrange your email content based on your selection.
  • Remember to send abandoned cart reminders that are personalized, engaging and compelling. Make sure you send the email at the right time to get your client while they are still in need of a product/service.

Go forth and work those abandoned carts. Use a tool like Sender to manage your campaigns. Be snappy, encouraging and bring back the lost revenue with well-prepared email reminders.

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