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25 FREEmium & Free Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation

Boosting your customer acquisition efforts is the fastest way to grow your business.  Now that the market has turned digital, interactions between brand and consumer are made easier, and business owners can utilize various channels to drive sales.

However, if you already have a strong online presence but still unable to capitalize on this for conversion, it’s probably time to make tweaks to your lead generation strategy.

Pushing your leads down the sales funnel is easier said than done, with 61% of business owners saying that lead generation is one of their biggest challenges. Revamping your campaign may be a bit tedious, but having the right tools will help you make adjustments with ease.

Gather data seamlessly, create tailor-fit content, and provide a pleasant experience for your visitors—with automation software, communication tools, and data collection programs, optimizing your acquisition rates can be done in no time.

To get you started, you can read our lead generation guide and check out these awesome lead management tools. And guess what? Some of these lead generation tools are free!

CRM Tools

  1. HubSpot Marketing – Freemium

HubSpot Marketing offers free CRM software that gives you detailed yet easy-to-understand reports of your sales pipeline. It also comes with dozens of productivity tools, such as email and prospect tracking, which can significantly improve your daily efficiency.

Key features:

  • Optimize your communications with your prospects through live chat, email templates, and free meeting scheduling.
  • Remove unnecessary friction in your sales process through its prospect tracking capabilities.
  • Track sales productivity and team performance through its reporting dashboard and deal-tracking features

  1. Zoho – Freemium

A cloud software with an end-to-end CRM solution, Zoho is an easy-to-use platform built with features for contact management, online store building, and ad campaigns that will let your team deliver the best customer experience possible.

Key features:

  • Makes remote work easy; support remote customers in real-time, conduct meetings, and stay organized with a centralized work drive.
  • Work smarter with their AI assistant, Zia, which will aid you by predicting market trends, providing suggestions, and organizing important data.

  1. Vainu CRM

Vainu is another powerful CRM tool that will provide you all the assistance you need.  By sorting out customer data and tracking lead progression, this program will let your sales reps know the perfect time to reach out.

Key features:

  • Improve team workflow. The software will assign tasks to the right person whenever developments appear in your prospect pool.
  • Remove faulty customer information from your database through its data cleaning feature.

  1. Zendesk

This CRM program is built to track and analyze every interaction you have with your prospects and customers. Using Zendesk can help you give a better picture of your sales pipeline, filter your leads and deals, and provide accurate data to fuel your overall campaign.

Key features:

  • Track and quantify customer interaction; with an easy-to-understand dashboard, interpreting customer data is a breeze.
  • Push your leads down the sales funnel. Conveniently keep track of campaign performance and the status of your contacts. 
  • Send messages, schedule meetings, and make calls at the right time. Zendesk will segment your leads, so you have an easier time spotting conversion opportunities and sending promotions.

  1. Octopus

Is LinkedIn part of your lead generation strategy? Designed for LinkedIn marketers, Octopus can help you automate your tasks and connect with your audience on the social media platform to simplify your prospecting efforts.

Key features:

  • Automate promotions; send out the right messages to hundreds of leads instantly.
  • Evaluate your campaign’s performance by tracking audience interaction. Octopus will provide and break down the necessary metrics to help optimize your lead generation strategy.
  • Seamlessly integrate your data with other software such as HubSpot, Zapier, and Google Docs.

Interactive Lead Generation Tools

  1. Calconic – Freemium

Whether you’re in the marketing, finance, or real estate industry, having an online calculator on your website will simplify part of your sales work. It will also help your client to have an overview of the estimated cost, volume, or others. Engage with your site visitors and boost your conversion rates by installing an interactive calculator on your website.

Key features:

  • Create pricing, body mass index, and discount calculators without the need for programming.
  • Easy to build and customize; choose from a variety of templates to suit your webpage’s design.
  • Responsive design performs well across all devices.

  1. Outgrow 

Boost your conversion rates by making your page interactive. Outgrow has a user-friendly platform that lets you create a unique browsing experience for visitors by providing beautiful templates and widgets for recommendations and giveaways to include on your site.

Key features:

  • Engage with your customers by adding quizzes, surveys, and chatbots on your landing pages.
  • Find the right leads and turn them into paying customers. Outgrow’s analytics features will let you track visits, conversions, and even a prospect’s details across all channels.

  1. Lead Quizzes

Quizzes can hit two birds with one stone—it’s an engaging way to capture audience interest and allows you to understand your customers on a deeper level. Lead Quizzes has a drag-and-drop content builder that lets you install a quick quiz or survey on your site without a need for a developer. It also has a content promotion feature suitable for online or paid advertising efforts.

Key features:

  • Build quizzes in a few minutes. Choose from a variety of templates that are optimized for multiple devices.
  • Harness the power of analytics. Get detailed reports on your customers to assist you when making adjustments.

  1. SiteKit  – Freemium

Grow your email list while minimizing your bounce rate. SiteKit is the perfect tool to turn your leads into paying customers through its gamification feature and eye-catching smart bars that allows you to work seamlessly on any websites and devices.

Key features:

  • Create beautiful email templates, header bars, and pop-ups within minutes.
  • Fun and interactive features that allow you to customize games and collect personal information at the same time.
  • Gain real-time data and insights to improve your lead generation campaign.

Data Collection Forms

  1. Hello Bar  – Freemium

Improve your conversion rates through pop-ups; Hello Bar helps you gather customer data and increase your site’s conversion rate by strategically placing the right pop-ups. You can also do A/B testing and check its performance on the platform.

Key features:

  • Collect customer information; alert your visitors whenever they exhibit certain behaviors.
  • Test the performance of multiple pop-up variations through A/B testing.

  1. TypeForm  – Freemium

Make bland and boring forms a thing of the past. TypeForm has a smart UI that anticipates questions as you type them down. It’s also versatile and can be used as an interactive appointment form, quiz/polls, or quote form through which your customers will be more than happy to give you their information.

Key features:

  • Give your sign-up forms a unique feel with beautiful templates that convince your leads to share their data.
  • Integrate lead behavior with your other software. Get notified on Google Sheets or Slack whenever a person fills up your survey.

  1. Poptin – Freemium

Produce engaging pop-ups and surveys in as quick as a click—no coding skills required. Poptin is a highly-capable tool guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

Key features:

  • Create customized pop-ups and trigger them based on visitor behavior.
  • Embed beautiful forms that are guaranteed to capture audience interest.
  • Autoresponder feature sends the right messages at the right time.

  1. Qualaroo

Gather customer data without being intrusive to the customer’s experience with Qualaroo. Gain all the information you need the moment they look at your products and services.

Key features

  • Ability to target customers based on specific variables, such as behavioral patterns and browser cookies
  • Accessible analytics based on the data gathered; comes with visual data that you can use for your marketing and advertising strategy.

Customer Communication  

  1. Intercom

Improve your relationship with your audience by providing excellent customer support. Combining the efforts of chatbots and human support, Intercom can help reduce turnaround time for inquiry response and conflict resolutions.

Key features:

  • Utilize chatbots or real-time chat to provide high-quality customer support.
  • Optimize your workflow. The program’s self-service features allow you to address customer needs without any intervention from your reps. 
  • Re-engage your customers through targeted messages and email campaigns.

  1. Novocall

Turn your conversations into conversions. Novocall can help you simplify customer communication with its click-to-call feature right within the page and call schedule that lets customers connect with a team member based on availability or priority.

Key features:

  • Be available to your customers whenever they need you. Novocall will schedule your calls efficiently by designating them to the right people based on department, product knowledge, or location.
  • Let the numbers do the talking. Its call analytics and recording features will help you keep track of your team’s performance.

  1. – Freemium

Send out personalized messages to close in on your leads. LeadConnect will help you automate your communications on LinkedIn. It also has a Chrome extension that allows you to send messaging cadence to existing connections and define the target audience through a pre-existing list in CSV file or push profiles programmatically.

Key features:

  • Improve team communications. Its blacklisting feature will prevent your team members from reaching out to the same people.
  • Schedule follow up messages to reconnect with leads who haven’t responded. 
  • Sync LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot for smooth data integration and management.


  1. PathFactory

Improving the effectiveness of your content starts by understanding its performance. PathFactory’s content analysis platform will grant you all the insights you need to create personalized content for your audience.

Key features:

  • Nurture audience interest by creating a content tracker that they can follow conveniently.
  • Take note of your audience’s content consumption to see which types are working well or not.

  1. Instapage

Create relevant, branded, and responsive landing pages to guide leads into conversion. Instapage allows you to connect ads to relevant post-click landing pages with three times faster loading performance to help improve the landing pages’ quality scores and conversions.

Key features:

  • Improve visitor engagement. Create unique landing pages based on your ads and target audience.
  • Optimize your landing pages with analytics tools. Instapage’s heatmap and A/B testing capabilities will help you make adjustments when necessary.

  1. Uberflip

Create, distribute, and launch campaigns with ease. Uberflip is programmed to help its users accelerate the buyer’s journey and understand customer preferences to produce timely and relevant content.

Key features:

  • Guide your visitors to a transaction. Uberflip will aid you in creating a self-nurturing campaign.
  • Understand the type of content your audience likes through easy-to-understand metrics.


  1. Wistia Turnstile – Freemium

Did you know that 66% of customers would rather watch a video than read about a product? If you’re planning to get into video marketing, Wistia Turnstile will help you create compelling clips for your business.

Key features

  • Ad-free; your viewers can binge through your content without being bombarded by promotions.
  • Revolutionize the viewing experience of your visitors. With the program’s built-in tools, you can make your videos interactive by incorporating CTAs, annotations, and links.

  1. LeadFuze

Get in touch with high-quality leads in an instant. LeadFuze is the easiest and fastest way you can find paying customers through hyper-targeting lead searches. It also enables you to get relevant information, which gives you more time to talk to them rather than researching.  

Key features:

  • Find your next customers quickly. LeadFuze’s account-based search will give you the contact information of customers who fit your search parameters.
  • Integrate data with other CRM software. LeadFuze works extremely well with popular CRM platforms such as HubSpot.
  • Save time through automation. LeadFuze’s AI system will give you a hands-free experience by building and cleaning your contact list.

  1. AeroLeads

Uncover key information about your prospects to help you personalize your marketing campaigns (especially for ABM marketers) with AeroLeads. This prospect generation software is great for getting insights and contact information about both businesses and individuals.

Key features:

  • Find emails, phone numbers, and other pertinent contact information about potential prospects on LinkedIn to beef up your marketing initiatives.
  • Export data via CSV with one click to be compatible with popular CRMs like SalesForce, HubSpot, and Zapier.


  1. Extole

Rewarding your brand advocates can go a long way. With Extole, it’ll be easier for you to identify and recognize the micro-influencers of your company, issue rewards, filter low-quality referrals, and offer gamified customer experience.

Key features:

  • Extole’s profiling features will help you segment customers and provide real-time reports on who your biggest revenue sources are. 
  • Reward your loyal customers. Its rewards engine can spot brand loyalists and give them the discounts, points, and rewards they deserve.

  1. ReferralCandy

Let your customers market your brand for you. With ReferralCandy, you can improve your conversion rate by automatically rewarding your customers for their referrals.

Key features:

  • Automate your referral campaign. Save time and energy by letting the software hand out the rewards for you.
  • Gain accurate data to know your topic traffic sources and find out who your top referrers are.  

  1. Rafflepress

Run contests and giveaways easily! Rafflepress is a WordPress plugin that will help you track, target, and reward your advocates. It also has a categorized menu, which makes it easy for you to decide the goal of your content –gain subscribers, social engagements, or web traffic.

Key features:

  • Be free from scammers. The program’s one-click entry feature will prevent your contestants from submitting multiple entries.
  • Build a giveaway campaign in minutes. Rafflepress’s drag-and-drop interface will let you run a giveaway without the need for a developer.

The Tools of the Trade

Acquiring new customers doesn’t have to be complicated. With these freemium lead generation tools, your chances of closing in on a business deal should be a lot higher. But, if you’re still not getting the results you want or want to switch up your marketing efforts completely, it’s probably time to get some assistance. In case digital marketing isn’t one of your company’s core competencies, acquiring lead generation services can be a great way to improve your bottom line.

Let the experts take it from here. Contact us today to learn more!

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