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Content Intelligence: What Is It & How Can it Empower My Business?

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The world’s digital transformation has come a long way since the first touchscreen cell phone was introduced over two decades ago. Technology is now omnipresent in a lot of people’s lives. From touchscreen devices to smart home assistants, the advancement of tech has been very apparent.

Now, concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so on have infiltrated our lives. Every day, new features are being tested and deployed to help people automate their daily tasks and accomplish entirely new feats.

One of the newest players in the league is content intelligence (CI). It’s now gaining popularity among marketers and is quickly becoming their greatest ally in creating better content marketing strategies, predicting audience behavior, and so much more.

What is Content Intelligence?

“Content intelligence represents the systems and software that transform content data and business data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics with impact.”American Marketing Association

Let’s dissect that a bit. Essentially, anything that helps content marketers automate processes and optimize data from releasing content falls under content intelligence. The framework is possible with the right tools that aid in content production and help marketers cook up more interesting topics for their audience.

Let’s take a look at another definition from Ryan Skinner of Forrester:


“Content intelligence is technology that helps content understand itself—what it’s about, how it speaks, how effective it is at accomplishing certain goals, what emotions it calls to mind, etc.”


This revolutionary form of content marketing is made possible thanks to other existing technologies, namely: machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, natural language processing, and data analytics.

It’s no longer just enough to produce content for the sake of publishing, but rather understand the impact it has on your audience and how you can anticipate what they want to hear from you next.


How Can Content Intelligence Help?

Content Intelligence-How Can It Empower My Business1

Content Intelligence helps brands create remarkable content, which is useful for various marketing purposes including brand awareness, recognition, loyalty, and most importantly, sales conversions. The public has high expectations of today’s brands and consumers will naturally engage with those who regularly provide valuable and relevant content to them.

92% of marketers view content as a definite asset for their business. That’s a lot of companies battling out on the Internet for a prospective buyer’s attention. If you want to rise above the ranks, adapting content intelligence may be the best direction your business can take.

  • Personalization is a very crucial aspect of content marketing now, and CI can help your audience engage more by showing them relevant posts as they browse. 74% of consumers get frustrated with websites that suggest irrelevant content to them. Take Facebook’s complex news feed algorithm, for example. While a bunch of people may see the same post on their timelines at one point, no two accounts will ever have the exact same content on their feed.


  • Getting creative is another vital ingredient when it comes to gaining new users and maintaining your current ones. CI can speed up and inspire the creative process by providing insights for compelling content and identify the right platform for each one.


  • Your audience has different activity levels throughout the day, and this is where timing becomes crucial. Publishing or promoting posts at certain times during the day can bring more readership, and CI aims to eliminate the guesswork here.


  • More than 200,000 blogs are published hourly, and 84% of them get less than ten shares. Aggressive content promotion is imperative to getting your content across a broader audience; an area content intelligence can assist in. What’s more, blogs are only a piece of the puzzle. Repurposing them via photos, videos, and other platforms can help maximize your efforts.

Curata shared the following areas within the scope of content intelligence:

  1. What type of content should I share?
  2. What related content can I suggest my audience read next?
  3. Which pieces should I update or refresh?
  4. Which post should I focus on promoting right now?
  5. How do I promote said content?

Previously, these questions were riddled with experimentation or patterned after reports that aren’t always accurate. Content intelligence optimizes this for you on the fly, so long as you have the right tools in your business.

Unlocking the Power of Content Intelligence

To start experiencing the benefits of content intelligence, we’ve gathered helpful tips and a few tools that can help you stay ahead in the competition.




What Content Intelligence Means for Marketers

  • Going beyond publishing content

Churning out exciting content as consistently as you can is a good thing, but it’s not enough to keep posting without having real data to base your decisions on. CI can help shorten the arduous process of content production and give you more accurate results. This will allow content creators to think beyond deadlines and focus on providing the best experience for your readers.


  • Forming a relationship with your audience

The high expectations of consumers can be met with the help of CI. Once your readers notice the kind of quality behind your content, they’ll be more inclined to engaging with your brand in the future. Regular engagement forms trust, which is one of the most important goals in modern marketing.


  • Faster growth in the business

Content intelligence gives marketers today a luxury that many weren’t able to experience before: a thorough analysis of all their content marketing efforts. Before data collection and analytics systems were the norm, people couldn’t keep up with what was going on with their content. Today, we’re able to analyze content data on a granular level, bringing real numbers into the context.

A more effective content marketing plan benefiting from content intelligence can help your business soar to faster heights. It’s incredibly exciting and more challenging at the same time.


Final Thoughts

With the advent of tech systems automating jobs, the development of content intelligence now begs the question: Will content become fully automated?

While it’s certainly the formula of every sci-fi movie out there, the current guess is that content can’t be successful without a human touch. Getting information out there is important, but so is building the personal connection and relatability people want to see from brands—something that tech hasn’t mastered…yet.

It’s safe to say that the future looks bright for content marketers who want to grow their business digitally. Are you ready to integrate content intelligence in your marketing campaigns?

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