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25 Websites Every Designer Must Bookmark in 2020 (Updated)

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As Spiralytics’ web designer, part of my job is to never run out of inspiration and get those creative juices actively flowing. And when you’re designing on a daily basis with deadlines to meet, you need to kick designer’s block to the curb. Luckily for designers like me, the Internet offers not just unlimited cat videos, there are also a ton of websites for designers that can refuel my design inspiration tank when I’m in dire need.

I’ll be sharing my 25 useful websites for designers so that you will never run out of new creative ideas and get your designing mojo back. The list includes fresh, amazing, and very useful must-bookmark websites for this year.

    1. Typoguide
    2. DesignWizard
    3. Adobe Color
    4. 0 to 255
    5. Behance
    6. DashBurst
    7. Envato
    8. Digital Telepathy
    9. WebDesign Inspiration
    10. Sitepoint
    11. Digital Synopsis
    12. Graphic Burger
    13. Premium Pixels
    14. Raw Pixel
    15. DAfont
    16. Fonts In Use
    17. Flipping Typical
    18. Font Fabric
    19. The Verge
    20. Designmodo
    21. Digiday
    22. Greatist
    23. The Daily Dot
    24. Mashable
    25. Spiralytics

Best Websites for Designers

  1. Typoguide

A pocket guide to master every day’s typographic adventures. This little guide is prepared by Benedikt Lehnert. He made this for everyone who just want to do things right. It is a great resource which explains the basics of typography. And even if you find yourself experienced in typography, I’m pretty sure you’ll still learn something cool and new from here.



  1. DesignWizard

A competitively-priced, minimalistic design software that adds a bit of spark to your marketing and puts the flare in your social media. You can sign up to one of our three amazing and affordable price plans to create personalized, professional standard images in minutes. Additionally, you get access to a huge library of high quality images and videos.


  1. Adobe Color

Lets you create, design, and share your own color palette. You can also browse thousands of themes here. This website can help you decide what colors to use on the design.



  1. 0 to 255

A simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color. This website is perfect for hovers, borders, gradients and many more.

How to use this:

1. Pick the color that you want to start with
2. 0 to 255 will generate the range of colors
3. Click the color of your choice (it will then be copied to your clipboard, isn’t it amazing? lol)

Get started now!


  1. Behance

This is one of the leading online platforms for people to share and showcase their creative work. It works much like a social media network, where users can engage with and follow other accounts.



  1. DashBurst

Social media magazine covering the latest in business, marketing, tech and design



  1. Envato

A great blog for getting ideas and inspiration for your next creative project. They also offer a few handy tools to help you along the way.



  1. Digital Telepathy

Blog for people who care for design. This blog contains the author designers’ personal experiences and knowledge in design. Don’t forget to subscribe to their blog to get the latest updates.



  1. WebDesign Inspiration

It includes latest Web Design inspirations, ideas, tips and freebies. It allows you to search for the specific industry, type, color or feel that you want.



  1. Sitepoint

Your daily dose of information about html, css, js, php, ruby, mobile, ux and design. Perfect for all developers, designers, programmers, freelancers, and site owner.



  1. Digital Synopsis

Your source for personal and commercial projects.



  1. Graphic Burger

Premium quality design resources offered for free.



  1. Premium Pixels

Collection of free design resources created by Orman Clark.



  1. Raw Pixel

A great selection of high quality stock photos, vectors, and PSD mockups. The free gallery is totally free for personal or commercial use.



  1. DAfont

A huge archive of free, downloadable fonts. This is a go-to resource, so if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here.



  1. Fonts In Use

A public archive of typography. It’s an awesome site wherein you can choose a typeface and check how it is used. You can also contribute by creating an account.



  1. Flipping Typical

Allows you to enter text and then be able to compare with hundreds of fonts. Because font choice and combination is serious business.



  1. Font Fabric

Your weekly source for free fonts.



  1. The Verge

An online magazine that covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture.



  1. Designmodo

Great resource of informative material for designers and web developers.



  1. Digiday

Talks about Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising. Thanks to my super cool boss for introducing this site to me! (Hi, Jimmy)



  1. Greatist

Source for all things fitness, health and happiness.



  1. The Daily Dot

Your online news. They report the most important and relevant topics all over the web. They cover topics for entertainment, news, lifestyle, sports, fandom, business, crime and opinion. And oh, they also have a comic section!



  1. Mashable

Your leading source for news, information, and resources. Mashable is the largest independent online news with now 34M unique visitors and 14M social media followers. My favorite page here is the Dev and Design section where they give awesome resources for us designers.



  1.  Spiralytics

From content marketing, blogging, SEO, analytics, to graphic design (represent!), our company website and blog is a great resource for tips and how-to’s on setting up, managing, and marketing business websites, eCommerce sites, and blogs



Do you also have your own list of best sites for designers? Share them in the comments!

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