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3 Email Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Skip in 2023

Email Marketing

Remember the days when using a customer’s name was the best form of personalization? Well, that’s going to change this 2023. 

Fellow marketers, if you’re as overwhelmed as I am with the coming new year, I recommend you go through the most effective email marketing trends of 2023. 

Brace yourself with all the latest developments, such as email automation tools, before planning your strategy for the upcoming year.   

Let’s dive into it!

The Ultimate Email Marketing Trends in 2023 

Trend 1: Content! Content! Content!

Earlier marketers used to track open rates by collecting users’ information using invisible pixels. But that changed in 2022 when Apple’s MPP (Mail Privacy Protection) update altered the course of the email marketing industry forever.  

Now, good email content is the trend and the hope. Give your best shot at creating the perfect content, then track the clickthrough rate (CTR) to see how it works. 

If it worked, then muy bien! You just have to be consistent with your current email marketing strategy. But in case it didn’t work, then you need to come up with more interesting ideas. So, the bottom line is: 

“The only way to increase conversion through email marketing is to improve your content.”

How to Improve Email Content in 3 Steps

1. Personalize

A year back, personalization in the emailing world was sort of primitive. Most marketers simply wrote subjects using the recipient’s first name and called it a day.

Now, this technique alone doesn’t cut it. The year 2022 has seen a lot of improvement in personalized messages. As a matter of fact, 74% of marketers reported a significant increase in customer engagement through targeted personalization. 

If you are not doing it already, 2023 is the time to hop on the personalization train. It’s going to be one of the most impactful marketing trends this year. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Segment your email list
  • Track user’s activity on your website
  • Use a real person’s name as the sender

2. Add activities for users

The first marketing email was sent in 1978 and it only contained a regular message body in text. Thankfully, we’ve grown so much since then, and we’re only continuing to evolve.

In 2023, you can make emails more engaging through interactive features. Videos, games, slides, and images to swipe ensure that recipients won’t just send your emails to the trash. 

3. Use storytelling to build a brand-customer relationship

Storytelling always works! If you study the influencer market, you’ll see that their impact boils down to one factor: the story. 

Customers don’t want to buy from strangers anymore. They want to know the seller; they want to feel connected. So, no matter what you do, keep storytelling at the center of your emails to increase your CTR and conversions. 

Trend 2: Tie With The AI 

It’s time we let AI-driven automation tools make our jobs easier. Here’s how AI can boost your workflow:

1. Write personalized emails

Manually gathering information about each recipient and writing personalized emails are laborious, time-consuming tasks. Contrastingly, AI-based software can accomplish these in seconds, making bulk emailing smoother than ever. 

2. Ensure deliverability

In 2023, sending cold emails will be like shooting an arrow in the dark. However, you can use automation software to ensure emails reach your targeted prospects’ inboxes with high-deliverability IPs.

3. Improve content 

Many business people need help to come up with impactful content. In such cases, you can use AI-based writing software to find the right words to spice up your content.

4. Automate email follow-ups

Considering the fact that 80% of sales take place after the fifth follow-up email, it’s utterly important to automate follow-ups. This ensures a smooth user experience and builds a trustworthy business-customer relationship.  

Also, sending automated messages on trigger events is highly recommended. 

Trend 3: Mobile Optimization 

Around fifty percent of email users access inboxes on mobile phones. This number will likely increase by the end of 2023 as consumers become increasingly dependent on their smartphones. 

Business owners, marketers, and tech groups—everybody in the emailing world focuses on mobile optimization of emails. Each mail must be created keeping in mind the small mobile screens of the customers. 

Final Thoughts!

In a nutshell, the email marketing trends of 2023 are all about putting your customers at the center of your strategy. As long as you prioritize customer experience over sales, you can expect more traction in your emails.

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