beBOLD Digital Achieves Record-High 218% Organic Traffic Growth with Spiralytics

beBOLD Digital struggled to find the right keywords for their website, resulting in low organic traffic and limited visibility on key pages. Here’s how Spiralytics’ efforts helped improved their website quality.

The Business

beBOLD Digital is a full-service Amazon agency specializing in the Baby, Beauty, and Pet categories. They help brands scale their businesses, gain market share, and achieve sustainable growth through services like account management, brand protection, logistics, advertising, and customized solutions.

Industry: Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Location: Newport Beach, California

Services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Challenge & Goals

beBOLD Digital wanted to increase traffic to its homepage and key pages, ultimately driving conversions. However, to do that, it needed to optimize these pages strategically to attract more organic traffic and improve overall site performance, which is especially important in a competitive landscape.

Strategies & Solutions

Spiralytics utilized a diverse strategy to assist beBOLD Digital in achieving its objective of boosting traffic to critical pages for conversions:

They quickly got to work and conducted extensive keyword research to find impactful search terms and meaningful USPs that set beBOLD Digital apart.

Spiralytics also created different service pages that highlighted beBOLD’s expertise as an Amazon marketing agency—swiftly resolving technical issues identified with thorough audits to improve site performance and providing valuable content recommendations to strengthen their Amazon agency specialization.

The collaboration also aimed to improve user experience and accessibility. Through extensive competitor analysis, Spiralytics identified strategic opportunities to incorporate better keywords and acquire backlinks to boost authority and rankings.


Since partnering with Spiralytics for SEO services in the Philippines, beBOLD Digital has made significant strides in enhancing its overall digital presence and performance. Key areas of improvement include: 

Keyword Rankings:

In February 2023, beBOLD Digital saw improved rankings across all tracked keywords on their homepage, indicating a positive trend in visibility and search engine performance.
By November 2023, the focus shifted towards high-search-volume keywords related to “Amazon agency,” with beBOLD landing at #22, “full service Amazon agency,” ranking at #4, and “Amazon marketing agency,” ranking at #18, with positive improvements in rankings for other keywords such as “beauty marketing agency.”

SERP positions:

February 2023 marked a period of increased clicked, impressions, and SERP position for beBOLD Digital. With a stable click-through rate (CTR) of 0.6%, this indicated effective targeting and relevance in search results. In contrast, November 2023 saw even more success, ending with a CTR of 0.80%.

Organic conversions:

November 2023 revealed a significant increase in organic conversions for beBOLD Digital, reaching 41 qualified conversions. This growth was notable in contact form submissions and clicks for booking calls, albeit with a decrease in “Contact Us Today” clicks. The industry’s typical trend of low conversions despite high traffic was evident, attributed to the informational nature of blog readership.
Overall, the enhanced site authority resulted in boosted rankings and traffic of beBOLD Digital as an Amazon beauty agency-culminating in a record-breaking organic traffic surge of 218%, skyrocketing from 3080 sessions in February to an impressive 9805 sessions by November 2023.

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