SolarNRG soars with a staggering 786% annual traffic surge through partnership with Spiralytics Inc.

Amidst a booming solar power market projected to reach $418 billion by 2028, SolarNRG’s astounding traffic surge shows the critical need for strategic marketing in an increasingly competitive industry.

The Business

SolarNRG Group stands as a leading international player, spearheading projects ranging from small to large scale across the globe.

In 2014, SolarNRG Philippines came to be through a strategic collaboration with Jater Development Corporation, with the goal of tackling the Philippines’ exorbitant electricity costs by championing solar power adoption.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, SolarNRG ’s expertise consists of designing, procuring, installing, and maintaining solar systems in the Philippines. The company delivers turn-key solutions that promise savings and offers comprehensive operation and maintenance services, fostering sustainable energy practices for an eco-friendly tomorrow.

Industry: Renewable energy/solar industry

Location: Pasig, Philippines

Service Offered: SEO, Content Marketing

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Challenge & Goals

SolarNRG faced the challenge of increasing traffic to its website and improving organic performance due to the competitive market. Partnering with Spiralytics, the goal was to enhance online visibility and drive traffic to key pages, ultimately boosting conversions through strategic SEO tactics and content optimization.

Strategies & Solutions

SolarNRG aimed to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. To achieve this, Spiralytics conducted in-depth keyword research and optimization so that SolarNRG’s website and target pages were effectively targeting relevant search terms.

We also did technical site audits regularly to identify and address any issues hindering performance, while swiftly implementing recommendations for optimal website functionality.

Spiralytics also focused on internal link building and content optimization to enhance site authority and visibility. By publishing SEO-focused blogs and targeting trending topics in the solar energy industry, SolarNRG’s content attracted increased engagement and positioned the company as a thought leader.


Since joining forces with Spiralytics, SolarNRG experienced an impressive surge in online performance. Annual traffic skyrocketed, reaching an astounding 38,749 sessions in 2023, marking a remarkable 786% increase compared to its launch year in 2019.

Organic traffic also witnessed a substantial surge in Q3 and Q4 of 2023, peaking at 530 sessions in December, marking a 177% increase from January 2023.

These results highlight Spiralytics’ pivotal role in driving SolarNRG’s digital growth and establishing its prominence in the renewable energy landscape.

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