How Avida Achieved 44% More Clicks at 35% less CPC in One Month

Avida Land’s SEM campaign metrics dropped in March 2022. Learn how Spiralytics improved its numbers within a month and on a limited budget.


improvement in
average CPC


increase in click

The Business

Avida Land provides quality and affordable dream communities
to middle-income Filipinos.

Industry: Real estate

Location: Philippines

Service Offered: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Getting Avida More Clicks for Less

When Avida saw a drop in their PPC numbers, they knew it was time to enlist the help of experts. The Spiralytics team helped analyze and identify the root cause of the decline before implementing ad optimization techniques to help the company maximize their limited budget and timeframe.

Read Avida’s PPC case study to learn more about critical PPC metrics you need to be keeping track of and the best frugal advertising strategies that work with limited budgets.

    Challenge & Goals

    In early 2022, there was a drop in Avida’s site impressions, clicks, sessions, and users. The goal was to lift these numbers within a month while working on a limited budget.

    Strategies & Solutions

    There were three action steps Spiralytics used to prevent the continuous decrease of Avida’s SEM campaigns: Diagnose, Strategize, and Optimize.

    After diagnosis, we found that lower search impression share (SIS) was the main reason behind the decline. Our strategy was to consistently improve monthly impressions, clicks, and SIS from SEM campaigns. We then optimized solutions based on the results.

    The solutions applied were ad set-up optimization, landing page optimization, responsive search ads (RSA) implementation, and image extensions.


    With the help of Spiralytics, Avida’s SEM campaigns observed a reduced CPC average and increased clicks and impressions. These improved numbers are significant in reaching target audiences, as they can help Filipinos find their dream homes.

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