The Key Players in a Winning Content Marketing Team (29/30)

Content Marketing Team

I keep saying that Content Marketing is team activity, a community effort. Although many small businesses begin with a one-man content marketing team, it always comes to a point where you need to expand your team and scale your process. This is why some companies would outsource their content strategy to the experts, and why the industry has become more competitive than ever this 2015.

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10 Free Online Tools That Make a Writer’s Life Easier (28/30)


Writing is difficult, even for those who have been doing it for a living for years like me. Non-writers think that we can magically create a well-written and well-researched article in just a couple of hours because we do it every day, that’s not how it goes. We equally treat every piece of our work as a masterpiece, and a masterpiece always takes time and a lot of thinking to be as flawless as we want them to be. From thinking of what to write, doing the research, to constructing the first few sentences of our work – it will never […]

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16 Tips for DIY Content Marketers, Gleaned From a Life in Punk Bands (27/30)


Fair Warning: This might not be for you. If you’re already a Marketing Guru/Ninja/Rockstar/Face Melter/Crusher/Bad Ass/whatever, or you inherently understand Content Marketing, you don’t need this. If you’ve hired The Best Damn Marketing Agency You Can Afford, and they’re doing right by you, or you’re a successful entrepreneur, then no worries. I won’t be hurt if you move along to reading Quartz. You do you. There are scads of guides out there defining the basic mechanics, mechanisms, and mysticisms of Content Marketing, but what I find myself constantly explaining are traditional marketing principles and best practices that go hand in […]

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10 Facts & Figures to Prove Why You Need to do Visual Content Marketing // Infographic (26/30)


It doesn’t take a genius to know that people like browsing visually stimulating content, in the same way that most children are only interested in picture books. More often than not, people browse and scan through a piece of content before deciding if it’s worth the read. And we, marketers, only have that small window of opportunity to convince the readers to stay a bit longer and read what we have to say.

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10 Reasons to Use Google Tag Manager (25/30)


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tag management tool offered by Google. In simple terms, tagging is the process of adding scripts to a website for different purposes.  A/B testing tools, analytics tools, conversion tracking, remarketing – almost all of these require you to add one or more scripts to your website to be able to track the data. A tag management software acts as a middle layer by requiring you to add the script just once, and then, most of the other tags and functions can be managed from the interface of the tag management tool.   Though there […]

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