9 Annoying Things Every Designer Does


I think I speak for every designer when I say that this job changes how we think and act in the outside world without even realizing it. Some good, but some are downright annoying for non-designers, especially for those who date us. Here’s a list of 9 common designer habits that non-designers find annoying. Does any of these sound like you or your designer friend?

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5 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Blog Post Quickly Noticed by Google


We all want to be Google’s top choice in searches, but with hundreds of writers and bloggers who flood the web with information everyday, how can you appear in the first search results? If you want to be one of Google’s top picks, you should make your content SEO-friendly! Aside from writing quality and evergreen content, here are 5 tips and tricks on how to make your content visible to search engines.

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Why You Should Hire Game of Thrones Author George RR Martin to Promote Your Business


Much has been said about Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, some of which is that he thrives on the sadness of his fans and survives solely on the tears of Game of Thrones fans. With the success that he’s gotten from his love of writing about wars, incest, dragons, and killing heroes, I think that Martin deserves to be recognized as not just one of the greatest writers in history, but also as one of the greatest marketing (but non-marketer) geniuses of all time. Martin would make a great marketer (but we all know that he’s too busy finishing the book series so we can find out soon who will take the throne). Here are 4 marketing lessons that we can learn from the success of George RR Martin’s book series turned hit TV show.

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5 Lessons Lorde Can Teach Us about Content Marketing


Lorde is probably the hottest thing in pop music right now. At just 17, she has been hailed a genius in the music industry. Being the youngest artist to hold the #1 spot on US billboard chart in over 25 years, Lorde’s achievements are truly way beyond her years. But what’s intriguing about Lorde is her rise to fame. Her success was a brilliant combination of hard work and right time, right channels, and right strategy. And clearly, there are lessons we content marketers can learn from the young superstar’s success.

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Google Partners Launch in PH: What You Have Missed


I have been to a lot of events myself and having been invited by Google themselves to be a part of their milestone this year was actually way cooler than going to Bruno Mars’ concert in Manila. Not to mention Google Partners Launch doesn’t cost a fortune to attend. It’s free! Spiralytics was at the Google Partners Launch Event in the Philippines held last 26th of February at R Space Events Venue in Makati. Not one of the grateful few who were invited? Here’s what you have missed.

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3 Best SEO Practices for Web Developers

3 Best Seo Practices for Web Developers

SEO is often overlooked in web development. As developers, we should always take it into consideration. Having a functioning and fancy website will not make sense if you do not have visibility on the Internet. Here’s a list of some SEO techniques that I’ve learned that will help you increase your search engine visibility.

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