Rhiza Oyos

Riz is Spiralytics' resident blogger and Inbound Marketing person. She takes pride in being around pre-Penguin and Panda days, investing the past 12 years of her life figuring out SEO, blogging, inbound marketing, and a bit of front-end development. She also holds the record for being the first hired employee of Spiralytics. She did manage to get a life outside of work, get married, and give birth to twin girls. In between work and mothering, you'll likely catch her watching Friends' gag reels on Youtube, or listening to Harry Styles.

Recent Posts

chess pieces
October 10, 2016
7 Essential Keys to a Winning Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing continues to be a major player in B2B marketing, with 88% of organizations...
time lapse photography
October 6, 2016
How an Evergreen Post Gained Us 120,000+ Pageviews and DA 80+ Links...
We all have our success stories, and here’s one of ours.
art tools
September 28, 2016
DIY your Content Marketing with this Foolproof 8-Step Process
In recent years, we’ve seen big brands jump into the content marketing bandwagon and transition...
Ray of sun enlightens a photo of a guy sitting
August 25, 2016
Establishing Your Buyer Personas Will Make or Break Your Content Ma...
  As “busy” and knowledgeable online marketers, we usually like skipping this part. We assume...
Pokemon Go
July 22, 2016
3 Important Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go’s all the rave lately and just in case you’re hiding under a rock...
Woman taking a photo
July 15, 2016
Link Roundup: How to Grow Your Blog Traffic Exponentially, Content ...
Our weekly roundups are back, thanks to all of you who have reached out to...
May 24, 2016
Important Metrics You Need to Measure Your Blog’s Performance
Content is the core of your social media marketing strategy, in which case, your blog...
Group Discussion
March 28, 2016
7 Free Communication and Task Management Tools For Startups and SMBs
Startups and small businesses usually start as a team of part-time consultants, freelance writers and developers, a...
Morning city view
March 23, 2016
The Secret to Having a Productive Work Day
  Maybe it’s no secret, and you know it too: Get up and start the...
Pile of brown envelope 
March 13, 2016
6 Old School Content Marketing Tactics You Have to Stop Doing Already
In the recent B2B Content Marketing Report by CMI, it’s no surprise that 88% of...
Laptop and a Noteboook
February 26, 2016
Quick Guide: How to Leverage Facebook to Market Your Business
Facebook has evolved so much since it launched in 2004. Many of us are witnesses...
a mug
January 16, 2016
Link Roundup: B2B Content Marketing and Work that Matters
The first month of the year is always challenging. Two things that can happen: (1)...

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