Ayin Azores

Ayin is our Community Manager here in Spiralytics. (She didn’t really have a team, she was recently adopted by the content team) Prior to joining the Spiralytics, she was a part of the pioneer team of Travelbook Philippines where she worked in for the acquisition team and she was also Sales Manager at a 5 star hotel chain here in the Philippines. But then, she one day realised that quarter life crisis really does exist, and decided to switch careers. When she’s not doing rock and roll at work, she’s either in some island sleeping in the sand, writing poetry or baby sitting her nephew and niece. Check out her works here: www.hellopoetry.com/ayinaantok and her #kurAchadventures on instagram @ayinaantok

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community manager
September 12, 2019
5 Qualities That Make a Great Community Manager
So, what on earth makes a community manager you ask? Well, there are several ways...

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