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Facebook Ads for B2B: Why Every Company Should Invest

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There’s a common misconception that Facebook advertising is only applicable to B2C companies. But in reality, B2B marketers can also use it to reach out to company decision-makers. Facebook has made it possible by allowing marketing professionals to target people based on their professional attributes such as previous and present employers, titles, competencies, and so much more.

Keep in mind that even though B2B means transacting with other businesses, at the end of it all you have to reach out to specific people behind those businesses. Facebook as a self-serving platform with billions of users’ data, gives B2B marketers endless opportunities to create and develop relationships with those people.

For Spiralytics, using Facebook ads for B2B clients as a strategy to generate leads while maintaining a lasting connection with potential and current consumers is a must. Here are more reasons that prove why Facebook is a valuable platform for B2B companies.

To capture leads

The most vital use of Facebook ads for B2B companies is its capacity to generate a database of leads. Facebook is not just for engagement; it is also capable of converting users and “likers” into leads.

According to State of Inbound Marketing Report 2013 by Hubspot, 52% of all marketers are obtaining leads from Facebook, and 74% of marketers think that the platform is significant to their lead generation practices.

Source: Hubspot

It’s a great platform to convert users into leads because it has simple yet functional features for marketers to drive lead generation and conversion. You can use a direct route using their lead ads format. This lets your potential customers sign up for your business offers with the use of customized form on Facebook.

You can also lead them to your website by offering a limited product trial, free consultation, or subscription to emails. Have a compelling artwork and copy for them to click on and optimize your landing pages to maximize the conversion.

Treat your Facebook page the same way you do your website, and produce quality content that are relatable and significant to your target market. This is the most effective way of getting the attention you want from your prospects, may it be from a Facebook ad or a post from your page.

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You should also remember that the majority of Facebook users don’t include their job titles or companies in their profiles. However, with a goal-driven strategy and lots of creativity, you can ensure the quality and the low cost of the leads you can get from this medium.

To establish a long-term relationship

Facebook is undeniably the most used social media at this time and age. As of the 3rd quarter of 2016, there are over 1.79 billion active users, and over 1 billion daily log-ins all over the world according to a report by Statista.

Users constantly check their Facebook accounts, which opens an opportunity for you to communicate and build a long-term relationship with them. It requires a lot of time, but it’s worth the shot.

As a marketer, you should offer personalized brand content. Effective personalization and storytelling give you the chance to humanize your brand’s connection to customers. Consumers are most likely to express their interest when you make them personally invested, which also makes them see their worth as a consumer with wants and needs.

Another way of building a lasting relationship with your market is by writing about what’s happening in the industry on your blog and promoting them on Facebook. The more visible your website’s content in social media, the more chances you have of getting page views and leads.

Creating a community of engaged Facebook users also helps you with your lead generation strategies. You may opt for a community that is related to your service or something that is indirectly related to your brand.

Remember, whatever message you have, it must resonate with your target market. Once they are engaged, it means they want to see more of it. Analyze your content endeavors, and then align your ongoing and future processes and content, as optimization is always an integral part of establishing a connection with customers.

To utilize different ad formats

Traditional B2B ad campaigns are notoriously known for boring executions and won’t help your marketing strategies in this digital generation. Business leaders and decision makers have different personalities, and you must adapt to their buying behavior and attitude throughout your campaign timeline with different content and ad formats.

Seventy-six percent of users scroll through their feeds to find the most interesting content. So, amplify your marketing endeavors by being original and inventive with your ads to avoid ad fatigue.

Experiment with different formats. B2B companies can offer valuable and engaging content perfect for nurturing customer relationships. In Facebook, you can create videos to explain your product better, share industry news, offer product trials, showcase experts, and announce a new feature of your software.

Facebook has evolved from being a simple social networking site to a competitive and cost-effective marketing platform for different organizations including your B2B company. Invest in Facebook ads and see significant results in your digital marketing efforts.


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