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How to Hire a Digital Marketer from Spiralytics

We get it! You are a seasoned marketer. A strategist. Someone who knows SEO and Content Strategy inside and out. However, every time you work with an agency, it seems you are teaching them…and not vice versa.

Over the years we’ve had many potential clients ask us if they can solve this problem by directly hiring and managing one of our marketers themselves. Great news! We are finally now offering this as a service.

Normally, a seasoned marketer would reach out to UpWork or other places to find freelance professionals that can help out

Here are the problems with the freelancing process that you’ve told us about over the years:

Recruiting is time-consuming!

Many days are required to filter resumes, narrow down potential candidates, interview them, and then make a decision. Only you or your experts can really know if the person on the Zoom call really knows their stuff. You can’t pass this off to HR.

The Dud.

You make your decision. Energy and optimism are high. You train them on your process, your metrics, and what you expect. You deliver your first tasks. They start work with the best intention. And then…. They don’t live up to expectations. You start thinking: The training didn’t stick? Are they overloaded? Did I explain everything correctly? I had everything mapped out just like E-Myth told me to. What happened?

They Disappear.

You make your decision. The first few weeks are amazing. Training is going well, their delivery and efficiency is per your expectation. They are climbing up the learning curve, and you are almost out of mentoring mode and 100% efficiency… and then…. Crickets. Their efficiency drops. They take a long time to return your emails. In many cases, freelancers have a difficult time managing their time. They take on new clients, and perhaps the latest client pays the best rate. They have trouble saying no, and they think they can deliver equally for all. They can’t.

We understand the problem, and have a great solution for you.

We remove the pain of directly hiring a marketer to add horsepower to your team:

We handle recruiting
We handle training (the basics of digital marketing)
We immediately swap out new talent if they are not performing
Spiralytics has been in the Digital Marketing space for 8 years.
Our office in the Philippines launched in 2013.

Over the years we’ve honed our process to recruit, hire and train the best talent.
We currently offer the following disciplines:


Keyword Research, Onpage Optimization, Technical Audits, Competitor Benchmarks, Reporting

Outreach Linkbuilding

This person is trained to reach out to real people to promote your content and earn links. They also implement any other tactic that might convert highly for your site (HARO, Reverse Image Search, Brand Listening, Resource Pages, Guest Post Requests)

Content Writing

Your Strategy & Topics,
Our Writing & Editing

You can hire a person half time or full time.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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