The Content Specialist for Social and Email is responsible for coming up with social media and email marketing strategies for Spiralytics Inc.’s clients based on their industry niche, target market, as well as their business goals. He/she also ensures that the content created reaches the right audiences. He/she is a creative and analytical person, always quick to take advantage of potential opportunities. 

The Content Specialist for Social and Email will be trained to be proficient in social media strategies while learning the ropes of email marketing automation. 

This position reports to the Head of Content and is supervised by the Social Media Strategist and the Head of Automation.

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy: Developing social media campaigns and managing day-to-day activities. Duties include online advocacy, writing for social media platforms, conceptualizing social media campaigns, etc.
  • Social Content Development: Producing social media content to increase brand presence in social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Social Media Listening & Reporting: Regularly give feedback & insights gained from social media monitoring and listening to help evolve strategies in a timely fashion
  • Community Management: Become an advocate of social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate.


  • Email Strategy: 
    • Devise email marketing campaigns that will drive engagement and conversions, including studying email marketing trends and techniques to incorporate into our strategies.
    • Understand how to grow email lists targeting specific audiences that are in-line with the brand’s buyer persona and ideal customer profile. 
    • Create optimized content and email-driven sales funnels that nurture and convert qualified leads.
    • Understand and optimize customer relationship management platforms to deliver key insights for clients in various industry niches.
  • Email Content Development: Write expert email content, landing pages, and conversion-focused copy in a punctual and grammatically sound fashion while following the brand’s tone and voice.
  • Email Campaign Management: Schedule and publish newsletters and automated email campaigns, making sure that they come with the necessary illustration or visuals to make them more effective.
  • Email Performance Reporting: Measure the success and performance of our email marketing initiatives and implement corresponding optimizations back into our process.


  • At least 1-2 years of professional experience in content/social/email marketing.
  • Background in writing/editing, communications, PR, marketing or other similar fields.
  • Excellent written English. Many of our clients are international and from abroad, so your writing must stack up to a global standard.
  • Has a knack for coming up with creative ideas and topics.
  • Has an eye for design.
  • Internet savvy and interested in career growth within the online marketing industry.
  • Good organization and time management skills.
  • Can work under pressure and with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge in email and CRM platforms, preferred but not required.
  • Knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and their respective participants (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) and how they can be deployed in different scenarios
  • Can work remotely.

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