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Link Roundup: Outsourcing White Hat, Automating Processes, and Growth Hacking as Usual


Everyone just wants it fast these days, no? Many would argue that the best things in life don’t happen overnight, and true enough, there are many business processes (and life goals!) that can only be done the long and hard way.

Then again, this shouldn’t stop us from getting things done and making things happen, fast. By scaling and automating processes, we’re able to focus on the more important aspects of our jobs. And by knowing where we want to go and what we want to achieve, we’re able to concentrate on getting there as fast as we possibly can.

This week we’ve seen a lot of insights on growth hacking, automating, and achieving goals in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient ways.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. On white hat link building, outsourcing and scaling.

When we see “link building” and “outsourcing” and “scaling” in one sentence, we normally dismiss it as “black hat”. This awesome resource shows us insights from 90 SEO Experts who talk about how to scale link building the LEGIT and White Hat way. MUST. READ.

2. On thriving in the marketing industry before turning 22.

These guys are already making a name for themselves in the marketing industry and they’re all under 22. I mean, seriously, what were we doing when we were 22?? Get to know these young people.

3. On using Google Autocomplete to generate keywords and content ideas.

This guy had a brilliant idea of generating keyword and content ideas out of Google Autocomplete. Total time spent for this campaign: 5 HOURS. I’m not sure how the entire process took him only 5 hours; still, this is a brilliant idea to try for your SEO strategy. Check it out.

4. On community building as a means to grow your business.

Awesome insights from 5 growth hackers / marketers on how to successfully build communities around your brand. Read here.

5. On automating Content Marketing processes.

Search Engine Land curates 13 tools you can use to make your content marketing process faster and smarter. Check them out here.

6. On writing and chasing inspiration.

To those of us who are stuck in a writing rut, this writer suggests 8 tips on how to get back on track fast. Read here.

7. On making your computer run faster.

Now this one is a real growth hacking strategy—make your computer run faster and see how much more work you can accomplish. Read here.

8. Bonus: If Googlebot can speak,

this is what he’s going to say to SEOs. Great read! Hilarious even, if you’re an SEO. Check it out! Now if only we can write Googlebot a letter and receive a response. Ack!

* * *

Here’s to hoping these would inspire you to keep moving, keep growing, and to keep pursuing those business goals fast and smart!

But first, let’s slow down for the weekend shall we. 🙂 Have a great one!