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Link Roundup: Facebook’s Death, Star Wars Selfies, and Blogging Tips



How’s your weekend? If your answer goes something like “Meh. Boring weekend.”, well buddy, I envy you. Why? I just spent the weekend crying like a baby because of my soon-to-be-dead molar tooth. Who knew that a tooth can bring me so much pain. Now I know what Khal Drogo felt like.

khal drogo death

Apparently, it’s not just my molar tooth that’s going to be dead soon, everybody’s favorite pastime aka Facebook is said to be also going to die in the near future.

Is Facebook Dying Soon?

1. The Future of Facebook . According to some Princeton scientists, Facebook will lose 80% of its peak user base by 2017. In other words, Facebook will be dead soon. Gasp! Okay, I’ll let you take in that news first. You okay now? Alright. In the study, the Princeton scientists created “epidemiological models to explain social media user behavior where adoption was analogous to infection and abandonment was analogous to recovery”. They compared an initial model using MySpace search query data and applied it to Facebook’s query data. And we all know what happened with MySpace. Is it time to backup all your Facebook photo albums and memorable threads?

Facebook and MySpace From Google Trends

2. Princeton Study Saying Facebook Is Doomed Gets Destroyed In Hilarious Fashion By A Facebook Data Scientist. What does Facebook have to say about the news of their death? Facebook data scientist Mike Develin published a tongue-in-cheek response to the study, saying “our research unequivocally demonstrated that Princeton may be in danger of disappearing entirely.” Well played, Facebook, well played. Also, please don’t die. Our social life depends on you.

Social Media Marketing

3. How to Network with Influential People Using Twitter. Most businesses think that the basis for success in Twitter is the number of followers. Wrong. According to this article, it’s about “building a community of followers who are passionate about your industry and who eventually become passionate about your brand”. How can you do this? Develop a relevant Twitter community by finding connectors and build relationships with them. These connectors include thought leaders and industry experts. If you have zero engaging followers, this read will be really helpful.

4. 5 Creative Examples of Selfies as Social Media Content. No doubt about it, 2013 was the year of the selfie. But it’s not just the vain population of the world that can have all the selfie fun, businesses too can jump in on the selfie obsession.Companies can leverage the selfie trend for strategic social media marketing. Check out the article for 5 creative selfie strategies by companies that range from inspiring to unexpected.

Star Wars Selfie!! #stormtrooper #starwars #returnofthejedi #yourebelscum  #winning… | Star wars pictures, Funny star wars pictures, Star wars memes
the force is strong with this selfie

Content Marketing

5. Content Quality: The Essential Checklist. One of the most important marketing trend for 2014 is content quality. Here in Spiralytics, we’ve talked about creating valuable content that is not just informative but is also entertaining to read. Let’s face it, with sites like Buzzfeed getting their visitors to read every article, content writers are challenged to experiment with their writing style and tone to hook the reader into reading the article from start to finish. This one is a really great article that provides a checklist of quality content, from regular posting to having a human touch.

Blogging Tips

6. How to Become an Awesome Blogger? 18 Experts Know the Answer. Now this one is a must-bookmark if you’re really serious with blogging. 18 experts (industry influencers) on blogging were asked 4 simple questions and what came out of it is an article with the best of the best and most exclusive blogging tips. I love that their answers are very basic and non-technical. If you want to be a blogging rockstar, take down notes while reading this article.

7. The Underdog’s Guide to Building an Unforgettable Blog. Every blogger starts as an underdog. With hundreds of more popular bloggers than you who write about the same topics, the big challenge is to stand out and get in the ranks as those popular and influential bloggers. This is a really great read for newbie bloggers or those who just can’t seem to get a high spike in pageview statistics.

My favorite part in the article? “To win your place in the hearts of your readers, you need to do more than just share tips. Because tips are like one-night stands. They meet a temporary need, but involve no sense of connection, no feeling, no emotion. Readers just move on to the next blog without missing you. To become someone’s favorite blogger, you need to show your personality. Your readers must get to know you, like you, and trust you.” – AMEN!