(Our weekly round ups are back! Confetti!!)

It’s the end of another week and we just can’t wait for the weekend to begin, get that much-needed time off the internet, maybe even watch a movie—anything that doesn’t have to do with being online, unless of course Netflix marathon is part of your weekend itinerary.

Here are a few good reads from this week and some thoughts to ponder as you slow down this weekend. Hope these make you pumped up and ready for week ahead!

1. Use your weekends well!

This article talks about practical ways to be productive on weekends. Unfortunately, the list suggests that you must not oversleep on weekends because it’s not good for your physical well-being. Sorry kid, but it’s for your own good.

2. How about fewer blog posts?

Whether you should blog more or less has become a topic of debate among bloggers. Liz of Elle & Company has a great take on the subject! (My take—it all depends on your business goals, and your resources. Always begin with setting goals and expectations! And a strategy!)

3. No one’s reading your blog.

Our friend Dan of Dejan Marketing tells us why, and suggests ways to make your blog more reader-friendly.

4. Update and optimize old blog posts!

There is a kind of “past” you don’t have to let go of.

5. Ehem, the rise of Chief Content Officers.

5 years ago, “Chief Content Officer” is not even a job title. This week, NFL (that’s right, National Football League) announced hiring its first ever Chief Content Officer, Jordan Levin, who used to be Xbox’s Executive VP. You probably don’t care about football but the point is, brands are becoming publishers, and there’s a bright future for all of us content creators.

6. The graphic designer’s nightmare.

This “leaked” email between Jeb Bush and his graphic designer has been circulating the web and we’re rolling over laughing. Hahahha.

7. All things Content Strategy.

There’s a WEALTH of information to read here, you know, in case you have a couple of hours to spare. Or, if you have a full day to spare, go ahead and read everything!

Lastly, if you missed them, here are the posts on the Spiralytics blog this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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