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Link Roundup: Content Marketing Tips for Startups, 10x Content, and Nescafe’s Big Tumblr Move


It’s been a crazy week at work, with new clients easing their way into our task management software and editorial calendar, on top of on-going client work. But we do love “crazy” here at Spiralytics! Being a startup ourselves, we’ve grown and learned a lot about dealing with crazy, battling it out with industry giants, finding our niche, and positioning ourselves in the industry. There’s so much to be learned everyday, and we hope to share some of these learnings with you. 🙂

Here are some amazing reads we’ve seen around this week, curated especially for our small-to-medium business owner friends, clients, and readers. Get a cup of coffee and read along!

1. 5 Small Business Tactics that will Beat Industry Giants

My thoughts, exactly. As a small player in the field, it’s easy to get intimidated by big brands who have an endless supply of resources and financing. The good news for startups is, the world is now at our finger tips, and we have something special that the big players don’t have—the ability to get personal, and to be intentional and authentic in our strategy. Read this article for more inspiration!

2. Busy Entrepreneur? Forget about Link Building

Let me get this clear, quality links are very important, and a website can not rank without some good authority links pointing to its direction. The gist of the article is, when you build great content and focus on what matters, links naturally come. So how about we all focus on being awesome instead of building links, yeah? Yeah.

3. 7 Powerful Visual Content that will Increase Social Engagement for your Business

I’ve seen a lot of big and small brands that win at marketing with just visual content. Yes, it can be done, especially in an era where scrolling and pinning and double-tapping are the ways of life. Check out this post to get ideas on how to make visual content work for your business.

4. Guide to 10x Content: The New and Successful Content for 2015 and Beyond

The discussion on 10x content all began with Rand Fishkin, and we all know what happens to all of us, SEOs and Content Marketers, when Rand says something. “10x Content”, the article defines, is “a term that marketers use to describe content that is 10x better than anything else produced by a search result.” I seriously nodded my head through every sentence of this post my neck hurt. Poweful stuff!! I also blogged my thoughts about this a few weeks ago, if you want to read.

5. Nescafe Declares its Brand Website ‘Dead’ and Moves to Tumblr

The official announcement is here. I’m still trying to process how I feel about this. As someone who’s NOT an avid user of Tumblr, I’m not personally familiar with the benefits of this microblogging / social media site. But Nescafe seems to have gained so much from it that they dared to kill the website altogether and move everything to Tumblr. Currently the talk of the online marketing town this week, it reminds me of when Coca Cola killed its corporate site and converted it to a full-blown lifestyle e-magazine.

We don’t how this will all play out, but there are few action points we can take away from this. To start with, how about we decide to ignore what others are saying and just.. dare to take the road less traveled? Sounds good?

You can find the new Nescafe tumblr site here.

6. Lastly, not that it has anything to do with this post but

..what do you think about this (real) Harry Potter-inspired invisibility cloak? I mean, seriously guys. I could use one of those.

Have a great weekend!