Let’s review some (not so) new terms on the web this week. Ready?

1. Knowledge Graph

Neil Patel explains it as “Google’s systematic way of putting facts, people, and places together to create interconnected search results that are more accurate and relevant.”

To illustrate, when you search a term or a question on Google, in most cases you’ll see this wiki-type answer to your question right at the top (or on the sidebar) of the search results page.

That, my friend, is the Knowledge Graph.


Neil’s Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph explains everything in full detail, including how to optimize your sites to be visible on top of search.

2. Growth Hacking

“Growth hacking” is the rapid launch of new products or scaling of services to expedite growth, which is all the rage lately. This article, however, talks about how to manage growth for businesses who want to limit expansion. How much growth is good growth? How fast is too fast?

Growth Hacking eCommerce: 18 Underrated Hacks To Convert More Visitors

3. Writing Speed

“Writing Speed”, is the amount of time it takes you to write. (That was pretty obvious.) Neil talks about how he doubles his writing speed without lowering the quality of his published content. Are you a Writer or Content Marketer? You. Need. This.

4. Sponsored Selfies

Also known as Influencer Selfies, “Sponsored Selfies” is now a market place where influencers can endorse brands through a *cough* selfie, and post them on Instagram. Since, you know, there are not yet enough selfies in the world, how about, let’s make brands pay for them? No, really.

5. Insta-traffic

“Insta-traffic” is traffic you get off your Instagram account. Insta-mazing! It seems that everyone is on Instagram, but Instagram is also the hardest social media platform to optimize. The only provision for a clickable link is a single field in the User Profile. This article talks about how to maximize Instagram to market yourself.

6. Twitter Q&A Fail

“Twitter Q&A Fail” is when you arrange for an author, like E.L. James, to go on a live Q&A on Twitter and it backfires on her. How about, Fifty Shades of Fail?

7. Pinterest Fail

“Pinterest Fail” is when you attempt to re-create/DIY a perfectly photographed Pinterest image and it looked nothing like your “peg”. A for effort! 🙂

What are the new terms you learned this week?

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