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Link Roundup: B2B Content Marketing and Work that Matters

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The first month of the year is always challenging. Two things that can happen: (1) You feel completely refreshed from the holiday break and pumped up to start the year or (2) You feel stuck in the past year, uninspired, and you don’t know how to get out of the rut.

I hope you’re feeling more of the former than the latter, as we are.

Whatever your situation is, here are some great content marketing reads to get you going as you start this new year!

Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations: Whiteboard Friday

Rand’s WBF this week is particularly relevant for B2B organizations. One of the challenges of B2B marketing is how to create content that’s relevant to the right stages of the sales funnel. While B2C marketing is more often than not designed for one-time purchases, B2B marketing has to go beyond point of sale into client retention. Rand talks about this in detail. Go ahead and watch!

How to Make 2016 Your Best Content Marketing Year Ever

This article had us at “best year ever”! Author Quinn Whissen states the obvious—Content Marketing is not an overnight success. It’s a long-term commitment that can transform your business if you let it transform your culture. There are no shortcuts, and if you haven’t started yet (or if you feel like you failed in the past years), then 2016 could be the year you do it right.

10 Questions for Work That Matters

Thank you, Seth Godin, for asking just the right questions we need to answer in this life.

How to Write a Job Ad

Looking for the right people is one of the greatest challenges for any company. Unfortunately, many of us miss this very important first step—writing the job ad—and only a few care to admit that this is a make-or-break moment. Here’s a helpful guide on how to write a job ad. You’re welcome.

How 3 Companies Devised a Winning Content Distribution Strategy

We’ve been giving this a lot of thought too: how about, we step down content production and step up content distribution. This article suggests that many companies are doing too much content creation and not enough content distribution, which means, content is not reaching enough people. Very insightful read!

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